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Why I would choose the Carlson Part-time MBA Program Again

In a previous blog I wrote about the reasons I originally chose the Carlson MBA, but the reasons I love the program now are different than the reasons I picked Carlson initially. I would choose Carlson again based solely on the positive experiences I have had at the Graduate Business Career Center (GBCC).

During my 4 years at Carlson, I have made two job changes resulting in a 70% base salary increase since I started my MBA; I could not have done this without the help of career coaches Ashley Bowes-Johnson and Maggie Tomas. I have called the GBCC with a variety of questions, including:

  • How do I answer the question "tell me about yourself"?

  • I just got a job offer but it's not what I wanted. How do I negotiate?

  • How do I plan for my career progression when I already like the job I'm in?

The GBCC also offers a variety of group seminars on weekday evenings, and for the past three years has offered a full day career conference for part time students on a Saturday in April. Topics of sessions I've attended range from "How to be successful during your first 90 days on the job" to "Linked In and personal branding".

And the best part is that unlimited career services are free as long as you are a student. These services cost thousands of dollars elsewhere, so I highly encourage all MBA students to make use of them while in school. Thanks to the GBCC, my MBA will have paid for itself by the time I graduate in 2017. You are never too busy to get that kind of instant return on your investment!

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Lessons learned - the end of year 1
With the end of the year basically here (I just have a 5 page paper standing in the way of freedom), I wanted to share some reflections about my first year here at Carlson: specifically, what would I have done differently?

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Yes, you heard it right. We do have a Prom night and in fact I am writing this post just after coming back from this biggest dance party of the season at Carlson. It is also time to reflect on my first year at the program. The things I could have done better which I would like the incoming MBAs to consider.

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Improvising and Presenting
Sometimes, during my more vain moments, I daydream about giving some big public performance, like a super emotional speech in front of thousands. Or I'm playing King Richard III, in some giant theatre. Or I'm the amazingly good sounding (and looking) singer at the local karaoke place. Daydreaming is great.

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The Carlson Charity Auction
Benefiting the annual Carlson Charity Auction is one of Carlson's best traditions. Hosted by Carlson 4 Community (C4C), a student organization, and various corporate partners, the auction is a classy and fun way for the Carlson community to give back. And with an assortment of exotic items to bid on and a solid bar/food scene for this year's auction, I had an absolute blast.

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DCIP - Crash course to feeling prepared for B-school

The most valuable preparation, I believe, was participating in Deloitte's Consulting Immersion Program. My background is heavy on Research and Development, but I was interested in consulting as a career because I have always loved solving problems and puzzles. I am almost through my first year of business school and I still consider my 3 days at Deloitte University as one of the best experiences of the journey.

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Before deciding to go to Carlson, everyone warned me about the Minnesota winter.

"Nonsense!" I thought. For you see, Washington DC, my home for 3+ years, had been its usual hot mess that summer. I WANTED some cold in my life. I would take anything other than temperatures in the 90s and 100% humidity. The Minnesota winter sounded like an oasis. No more sweating because of the heat! No more sweating because of all the people on the metro! No more sweating because I was embarrassed by sweating!

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