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Finals week. Yes, it's here. It's that time of the semester when students are getting little sleep and substituting food for energy drinks, and students are more worried about their grades than taking care of themselves. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a well-rested, successful finals week:

Get enough sleep
A no brainer, right? Yet, this seems to be the first thing that is abused when preparing for finals. GET SLEEP. Your body needs to recover and if you plan on using your brain to take an exam, it needs rest. Find time to sleep and take naps, but don't forget to set an alarm clock!

Time management
Understand what you need to understand. In other words, prioritize. Perhaps one class requires more attention than others. What you may find helpful is creating a study schedule that designates specific times for studying, breaks, naps, etc.

Eat a proper diet
I understand this may seem unimportant, but getting the proper nutrients during finals week will help your body function properly - this includes your BRAIN, and trust me, you need that. In fact, vitamin C levels tend to decrease when a person is under stress. Low vitamin C levels can indicate a weak immune system, so don't forget to eat your oranges!

Take a break
Yes, you deserve a break. Take 15-20 minute breaks to clear your head and increase your productivity. Go outside for a walk, take a nap or sit in silence. The point is not to use your brain for about 15-20 minutes so that it can rest.

You heard me... CELEBRATE! Make plans with your friends to celebrate when finals are all said and done with - this will provide you with motivation and something to look forward to!

Cheers to another successful year, students! Also, congratulations to our graduating MBA students - you did it! We couldn't be more proud to welcome you to the esteemed Carlson Community of Alumni.

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