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Summer MBA Preparation

You've confirmed and committed - congratulations! Enrolling in an MBA program this fall is going to be a life changing experience for you. Though classes don't start until fall, this summer is the perfect time to start preparing. Consider the following:

Review your next steps.
Look through your admissions packet and email again. There is always information in there that is often overshadowed by the ever-important 'You're admitted!' letter. Review these important details including financial aid dates, ID numbers, email accounts, books, orientation dates, etc.

Get to know your classmates.
As an MBA student, you'll quickly learn that networking is going to be your golden ticket to success. Start immediately. Join the Carlson Full-Time MBA Class of 2014 Facebook group, create a LinkedIn page and start getting to know the people you will be spending the next two years with.

Brush up on your school skills.

After being in the workforce for many years, it is likely you are rusty on the skills you need to be a great student. Get in back-to-school mode and pick up a book, plug in to current events, read newspapers, and try writing for something other than your inbox. Never took a business class before? It would be a good idea to study up on the basics, and brush up on your quantitative skills.

Visualize your experience.
Ideally, what does the next two years look like for you? Think about your graduation day - what do you hope you have learned/experienced/accomplished by this day? Don't waste time figuring this out in your first semester or year. Figure out what is important to you, and start listing your goals now.

Be clear about your financial plan.
An MBA program is certainly a financial commitment, one that you will need to face head-on. Tuition is set each year on July 1. Start crunching the numbers, make a budget for yourself and think beyond tuition. Fees, books, housing, food, conferences, happy hours all need a space in your budget.

Be career search prepared.
Our career coaches will want to know your story starting day one. Start developing it. Be prepared to articulate your work history, experiences, skills, strengths and weakness well - and, have clear vision who you want to become and where that may be. Continue to research industries/functional areas/companies that interest you, and start a list of your questions.

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