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4th of July + Economy

Thumbnail image for Fireworks.jpgI sense fireworks in the near future. Seriously. It's the 236th celebration of our nation's independence on Wednesday, July 4th! For many of us, this holiday symbolizes freedom, fireworks, family, friends and festivities (or what I like to call the "5 F's"). And for the U.S. economy, I think we're all hoping the holiday symbolizes prosperity. However, there is concern about this year's Independence Day being an eventful holiday since it so happens to be on a Wednesday.

According to Associated Press, Americans are confused whether or not to celebrate the holiday because of it falling on a Wednesday, and for many, being an inconvenience. Do you take vacation, work, travel, stay home, etc.? We are trying to find worth in spending the time, and most importantly, the money on a holiday that lies smack-dab in the middle of the week.

I say let's embrace the "awkwardness" of a Wednesday holiday and support our country. So, when you're at your neighborhood park on Wednesday and debating whether or not to buy that second, third or even fourth beer/hot dog/cotton candy/light-up thingy-ma-bobber, do it! Do it for our country.

Have a safe, happy and relaxing Independence Day!

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