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A Return Home

I've been the Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruiting at the Carlson School of Management since June of 2012. I feel fortunate to be working every day in a building so very close to one of the most important landmarks from my life - the 400 Bar. One fateful night, several years ago, (please forgive me if I don't completely date myself) I stopped into the 400 Bar with a friend to see a few local bands. By the end of the evening, I had given my number to a drummer from one of the aforementioned bands with the expectation that I would never hear from him. To my surprise, I heard from him the very next day and we were engaged within the year. My Grandmother was so proud to have another musician in the family (I was a music major with dreams of becoming an opera star - our combined career prospects were amazing). One thing led to another and we ended up in North Carolina where I was gainfully employed helping law students realize their career potential. It was at this wonderful institution where I discovered my love for higher education and a mild interest in college basketball.

We have bounced around a bit, doing a short stint in Minnesota and then back to the East Coast for a few years in our Nation's Capital. I continued my work with law students and lawyers, working with them to leverage their talents towards their optimum career path. I loved living in DC, but it wasn't exactly the place we wanted to spend the rest of our lives, so last summer we made one final cross-country move home to MN and decided to put down some roots.

My position at Carlson is a bit of a departure from what I had been doing, but I absolutely love it. MBA and JD students are, different, to say the least. It is exciting to be working on the front end of the program, helping people to decide if this is the right choice for them. I feel so honored to be involved and trusted with such an important part of the decision making process. Beyond that, I simply love working at Carlson for all of the reasons that I give to prospective students. This truly is a warm, welcoming, and collegiate environment. My colleagues are amazing at what they do and our students are simply top-notch. So, thank you for making this a warm homecoming and smooth transition. I look forward to working with you and learning more about your path to an MBA at Carlson!

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