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Getting to know Carlson Staff

About a year ago - October 24, 2011 to be exact - I made one of the best career transitions in my life to date. Joining the Carlson MBA Programs Office and the Admissions team has been an adventure so far -- one that brings challenging, rewarding and fulfilling days year round. Every day, I'm surrounded by insanely bright, motivated, analytical, big-thinking MBA and prospective MBA students. They amaze and humble me. As do your own personal stories, experiences and insights that you often share with me and the rest of our Admissions team -- Linh, Christine, Pete and Tedi -- during your MBA search. Being that we get to know all of you so well, it only seems fair that we share a little about ourselves.

My story as to how I landed in an Admissions career isn't an unusual one to hear from many people in this field. I never set out for a career in Admissions -- it found me. And now, I have a hard time imagining myself doing much of anything else. It just fits, and it fits me well.

As a first generation college student, I had a hard time defining a career path. Though I always loved school, I struggled understanding the potential that lay ahead of me and what to do with it. Then, I got the courage to study for a semester in a tiny town in Australia for six months my sophomore year. I went alone, thrived, and returned a new person. I fell in love with the idea of helping other students travel abroad, wanting to expose as many people to that experience as possible. Though I had a business degree in hand, nothing else seemed as appealing to me. I believe that is when my career in higher education officially began.

When I approached the education abroad office about internship opportunities, they didn't have any positions at the time and suggested I connect with the undergraduate admissions office instead. I did, and was hooked instantly. The rest is history. While working 5 years in undergraduate admissions, and completing a graduate program in Counseling and Higher Education simultaneously, my commitment to a career in higher education never faltered. I was so thankful to have found work that I was passionate about -- but, was also ready for a new challenge.

In comes Carlson. What a perfect blend of my business and counseling degrees, interest in travel, and admissions experience. It was the trifecta.

In this position, I get to counsel people through some of the biggest decisions of their life, and I never forget that. I also get to travel across the nation and around the world in search of the best MBA students I can find (someday, ask me about my recruiting trip to the Middle East -- once in a lifetime experience!). I interview, evaluate, counsel, market, educate and assist people every day, and appreciate that each day brings something new.

Outside of Carlson, my life is rich with a wonderful husband, who keeps my winters interesting with Timberwolves games, and a mischievous puppy - Moose. My downtime includes reading, spending lots of time with our families in Austin, MN, attempting to garden and learn to cook, going to concerts and sporting events, enjoying time with friends (especially over a glass of wine), and yoga -- on a good day.

Now that I'm no longer a stranger -- I encourage you not to be one! Pursuing an MBA is a very personal decision, and can be a vulnerable time in life. There is a lot of information to cover before you can decide if an MBA program is the right fit for you, and you certainly don't have to learn it all alone. Reach out to me and our team anytime! We're always eager to help.

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