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How 'G.Lad' I am (to be here...)

For the uninitiated, the name is Lad, Gargee Lad! A Full-Time MBA 2nd Year student at the Carlson School of Management, I once described myself as an Engineer by education, an Analyst by profession and a Philosopher by choice! I am a firm believer in the strength of human character and feel that music, sports and literature have helped develop mine. Having said that, if there is one thing that I have been certain about in my life, it has been change! As I enjoy the building blocks of strategy and marketing in my otherwise logical and quantitative setting, it would be safe to say that every day here at the school is a value-add.

Grey cells.jpg
Music has different depths, tones and vibrations to it. Similarly, a business needs to think about its culture, synergies and resources. Though our ears may catch a discordant beat more easily, the consequence of a strategy misstep in business often tends to be more subtle and felt in the near future, not immediately. Like most things in harmony, music brings peace and happiness. My collection of music includes Bollywood beats to R&B to dub-step to English Classical. As I continue to stumble upon new music (and to the misfortune of my neighbors and friends croon when possible), I realized an important parallel of recognizing diversity in business and of accepting and appreciating talent, irrespective of its origin.

I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India - which means I grew up on a staple diet of cricket. Being a team sport, it was easy to catch the pitfalls of a mismanaged and / or divided team. When I played 'gully cricket' as a child, the ability to score runs dictated the batting order - a decision devoid of any gender bias. Learning about the various aspects of success in an organization, it seems that getting it all together is really not that difficult if a person has respect for merit and excellence. Of course, finding such talent that is willing to develop with the organization is where the trick remains...

Taking Oscar Wilde's famous quotation of 'Life imitates art' a little further, I would say that 'Business imitates art' too! The things we appreciate, the things we don't, the risks we take and the ones we don't as managers form much of the canvas of our businesses. Every now and then, creativity backed by well-defined strategy helps firms in the industry break through the clutter by disruption and outshine competition. My advice to such folks gifted with the creative juices would be, 'Don't stop! Just let this 'music' play...'

All in all, the MBA program here at Carlson and Minneapolis's endearing culture have made me grow by helping connect the dots. And boy, have I been g.lad to be here for that!!!

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