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Preparing for winter!

Having grown up in the beautiful state of North Dakota, I know a thing or two about dealing with the winter weather. One of the most important things is to be prepared. Preparations should be done for your home, car and most importantly yourself.

To get your home prepared for winter, here is a sampling of the list of recommended items to have on hand from the web site.

1. Flashlight with fresh batteries
2. Battery-powered weather radio
3. Extra food and water
4. First-aid kit
5. Emergency heat source
6. Fire extinguisher and working smoke alarm

Now, here is a list of items to have in your car for winter travel, especially, if you are traveling outside a metropolitan area.

1. Mobile phone with charger
2. Blankets
3. Flashlight
4. First-aid kit
5. Non-perishable food
6. Sand
7. Shovel
8. Windshield scraper and brush
9. Booster cables
10. Small can with matches for melting snow for drinking water

The last and most important piece is to prepare you! The best tips are dress in layers and keep your extremities covered. Hats, gloves and good winter boots are fantastic fashions statements during the winter in Minnesota and will keep you warm. The warmer you stay, the more you will enjoy the winter weather and outdoor activities. Embrace winter, but be smart!

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