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The Difference

I have somewhat of an atypical path of coming into the PTMBA program at Carlson. I am currently in my second year and have loved it thus far. I started the program for a specific business purpose, I have always liked school and planned to go back to it, and I have found numerous extras within the program that I did not see coming.

The first and foremost reason I began the program was to complete the classes required so that I can sit for the CPA exam. I am a Financial Planner, CFP, and have began to specialize in working with people and business that are very focused on tax efficiencies; what better way for me to become a valuable resource other than to get my CPA?! Instead of just taking the classes needed for the CPA, I decided to get my MBA in the process since it was not that much extra work. I point this out because I am completely funding my degree, and I believe it is important to know that I believe it is money very well spent even though I run my own business.

I have always been a big fan of school, and I have always had engrained in my head that I would go back for further education numerous times. I was planning to go to law school initially but that changed because of the field I ended up getting into. The PTMBA program has been much more than I thought it would be, frankly, the biggest surprise being how much fun it has been.

I have touched on this numerous times, but it has been a pleasure to see all of the great extras in the program. There are so many opportunities that I did not think I would get involved in: The Leadership Advisory Board, being an ambassador, speed networking, tailgating, and the list goes on. I cannot emphasize enough how many opportunities there are, and how many good things come from all of those different opportunities.

A few more personal items about me: My wife Sarah and I run our business together. We have three phenomenal employees, Jen, Dan, and Jabby. My wife is a rock star yoga instructor at Corepower, she teaches Yoga Sculpt; if you feel up to the challenge give her class a try, but do not tell me I did not warn you..... We have a little black pug named Paisley who gets everything she wants, and we are currently about to start building a new home in Plymouth.

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