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Flexibility you should Know About

I have been overly impressed as my expectations have been exceeded by the flexibility of the program. The instructors do a great job understanding that PT students have more than full schedules, students within your classes understand the same, and so does the school as a whole. It has made life a lot easier in regards to work and my personal life.

Teachers have boundaries set into place to make sure you attend class; at the same time, teachers understand that we may need to miss class more than often at times depending on the circumstance and do everything in their power to accommodate. From simply excusing the absence, to asking you to do something extra to make up for the attendance grade, to helping you get all of the materials needed. The instructors have been more than accommodating which is really important for me. My intentions are always good, and it helps that the teachers reinforce not feeling guilty about missing class for legitimate reasons.

Students are great too; a lot of the homework and projects are set to be done with a group. It is great because if someone is out of town or going to be absent for some reason, our group tells that person to not worry about any work that week and will pick up the workload. We have done this many times and it helped me immensely as well. When I was going on a vacation, this took all the pressure off of me, and I was able to focus on having a good vacation and planning for it with my wife.

The school as a whole is always trying to make it more accommodating for the busy student. There have been more online classes added. There are constant networking, interviewing, and other events to help accommodate numerous schedules. They allow you to get as involved as you want or to stay uninvolved. I am impressed by the continuous efforts of the school in doing this.

Bottom line: I was looking for flexibility and my expectations have been more than exceeded. I work over seventy-five hours per week in addition to school; I say this not to boast but to highlight the importance of flexibility for me. Please let me know if you have questions about this or time management!

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