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New Term, New Directions

The start of Spring B term at Carlson is really a new beginning for first-year MBAs in the Full-Time program. Here's a quick look at three of the things I'm most excited about:

Enterprises start! The Enterprises were the primary reason I chose Carlson. I learned a tremendous amount from personal reflection while I was working, and I knew that working on a real business problem with other intellectually driven students and the support of talented former practitioners would help me take my game to a new level. The core curriculum in the Fall and Spring A terms gave me the broad toolkit of technical skills and perspectives that I sought in B-school, but they didn't sate my appetite for getting in over my head in messing problems and thinking my way out. Luckily, that started this week. I'm really excited to work with my Carlson Consulting Enterprise project team, and it's really energizing to see that they're just as eager as I am.

New MBAA Leadership! The MBA Association is the Full-Time student body's voice in the program and facilitates a lot of great programming throughout the year. The new Board took over last week, and as the new Vice President of Academic Affairs, I'm fired up about making the classroom experience at Carlson even better. Next year we'll roll out a new 2nd year student coach program to better support 1st years transitioning into life as professional students. We're also going to institute some new mechanisms for keeping students informed on changes we're making and getting their input on where to focus.

Global Discovery applications! The application process for Global Discovery opened this week, so it's time for 1st years to think about where they want to travel next January: China, India, or the UAE. I'm really looking forward to Global Discovery, but that's only one of the many ways that Carlson helps me connect with global issues. I'm traveling to Scandinavia this spring to study Corporate Social Responsibility, and just this morning I attended a workshop on Chinese language and culture hosted by CIBER.

With so many exciting new directions to explore and invest, it really is a fun time of year to be at Carlson. If you're considering it - and you should - now is also a great time to visit. Come see what's happening!

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