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Diet Coke and New Friends

The last time I wrote a bio, it began with "my interests include: online shopping, diet coke, and reruns of NCIS," which made me sound like a middle-aged housewife with a credit-card problem (full disclosure: I am none of those things, the bio was for a musical-comedy I was in); for this bio, I thought I would take a slightly different tone...

First of all, I am not middle-aged (I am twenty-four), I keep my schedule pretty full (so only the occasional TV marathon), and... well, no, the diet coke part is completely true.
I grew up in a small town (Brandon, South Dakota) and migrated my way north after high school--I graduate with a BA in religion and political science from Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota before joining the JD/MBA program here at the U. What I loved the most about my undergraduate experience was the interaction and study of people and how they work, and I came to Minneapolis knowing that I wanted something where I would not only be studying and living in a strong community, but an experience that would put in a position for the jobs I want.

I chose Carlson for more reasons than I can articulate in a blog post, reasons you undoubtedly are weighing yourself, but every factor is a little bit different for each candidate; the important part is that you weigh the factors as they matter to you. For example, proximity to home was incredibly important to me, as was the local presence of the school, the alumni network and outside connections (basically, could they help me get a job), the community (we'll come back to this), and the objective caliber of the program (anyone who says rankings don't matter even a small bit, might be fibbing to you).

What I love most about Carlson is the community. It. Is. Incredible. No exaggeration necessary. There are 107 people in my class, and at Carlson, that means that, Day One, I found 107 new friends. The diversity of students here, the diversity of thought, has enriched my education ten-fold, and I truly believe I couldn't have found that anywhere else. We learn together, and we play together (seriously, the gambit runs everything from impromptu study sessions and homework-parties to videogame tournaments, happy hour, bike rides, and B-school prom). It's something I didn't think about too much when I was looking for a school, I more or less assumed the character of the program I chose would fit me, but man did I luck out... my best advice to you is, while keeping your other priorities, be sure to place a special emphasis on the intangibles, like the community and the "feel." Learning accounting is important, but not as important as who you're learning it with.

When I leave Carlson, I plan to take these friendships and connections with me, and to keep them far into the future. I am literally sitting at a table with future industry leaders (how cool is that?!) and not only are they my peers, but they are my friends.

After graduation, I would like to work for a corporate negotiation strategy team (put my dual degree to some use), but if that doesn't work out, I'm not worried, because I know Carlson has prepped me to be successful in whatever field I choose.

We would all love to tell you more about the program, and ourselves, so please connect with anyone at Admissions, we'd love to chat!

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