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I am sitting in Jamaica right now typing this entry. I am comfortably on vacation with my wife, while being enrolled in classes, of which I just started two new classes for B-term, and being apart of the team that is planning the Career Summit on 4/13. I emphasize comfort because most would think I would not be able to enjoy a week-long vacation with all this going on, but in this MBA program you can.

I am at the tail end of a three credit core class; my teacher has arranged for me to pickup my previous assignment when I get back, allowed me to turn in my homework for this week two days late, and allowed me to attend a different final exam date; I did not expect all this. In one of my new classes, my group is going to cover for me and get me notes. In my other new class, I missed the first day due to taking a hard fall on the ice that formed after the first really nice day we had, and hurt my ribs. The instructor told me to take care of my ribs and not to worry about missing class even though I am gone again this week. She said I would have to make up the second absence since she only allows one miss, with a reasonable makeup. She, also, assigned me to a group and partner to help me with what I have missed and so I do not fall behind.

The Career Summit has been great. I get to be involved in bringing together a great event that impacts many students, but I am not responsible to be present for everything as long as I get my part done. We have regular check-ins via phone, and if you miss one is it not an issue; follow ups and action items are sent via email right away. You, also, have the help from people that were apart of the event the prior year so if you need to lean on someone you can.

I emphasize flexibility and opportunity within the program because those are the two things that were very important to me when I was looking at programs. I am very busy, and I was hesitant in committing my time. My expectations have been surpassed!

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