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Thoughts of a Recent MBA Graduate

I recently graduated from Carlson's Part-Time MBA Program this past May, and the Carlson experience was more than I could have ever imagined! When I first started the MBA program here, I had a completely different idea of what my emphasis would be. I am a liberal arts undergrad. I originally thought I wanted to go to law school, but once I started working for a management consulting firm out of college, I decided I liked the business side of things much better. As I was looking through the courses offered and the different "paths" that I could pursue with my MBA, I originally thought I wanted to pursue more of a marketing management emphasis. Furthermore, I had never had an accounting or finance class in my life, and I was pretty worried about how I would do in my accounting, finance, and stats classes. However, as it turned out I ended up loving my professors in these courses and I realized that I had a much more quantitative mindset than I previously thought.

On a whim, I ended up taking more of the advanced finance and accounting courses, and I started looking at the finance leadership development programs offered through Carlson's OCR process as well as informational interviewing with a few people from the Big 4 public accounting firms. Also during my time at Carlson, I started TA'ing for a few different classes, and I also got more involved with campus activities and took on more of a leadership role by serving as the PT-MBA Leadership Advisory Board President. All of this while also working full time - so it can be done!

Towards the end of my degree, I ended up accepting an offer to do international tax consulting with KPMG and I absolutely love it! I am even planning on starting the Masters of Business Taxation program at Carlson this fall. It's amazing to think of how much my path changed...all as a result of graduating from Carlson's MBA program. The possibilities really are endless here, and I am so appreciative of where I am now...the past 2 and a half years were definitely worth it!

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Thanks a lot for sharing the story. Its very helpful when such share their experiences on the web. I am also looking forward to marketing side of my MBA.

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