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And the Journey begins..

...fruits of all the thinking that went into the MBA application process (not to mention the customized crafted essay stories packaging me into a one hell of a product - which even I did not know before this) , I managed to start my elusive MBA journey at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School. Why Minnesota: If anyone is thinking what was I thinking while choosing to study in the snow, then I have only one answer that unfortunately the U never stops working and classes never stops despite the thunderstorm... :-) The rigor of the program stops me from thinking when it ends after two years because I am loving it!

I have heard about people blocking times and always in super rush in the first year of the program. I am becoming a testimony to that. In the two months of beginning the program the amount of work achieved is comparable to what I used to do in an year. I bet that! It also includes travelling to 3 states in US to the last list of opening a bank account on just the third day of arrival to the States. My term A has ended and I am sitting in San Francisco currently on a career trek visiting few companies to figure out what I want to do with my career. If I read my essays I always knew that Healthcare is something what I wanted to do but what in Healthcare is the question I am finding answers too. For a person like me who wants things quick, speedy, action oriented with a ironic complexity of wanting to make a larger impact, there needs to be time of self reflection and exploration. Carlson career treks has been extremely helpful in that till now.
Right now I am sitting at a Starbucks near Ferry building in SF waiting for an information interview that I have scheduled with a friend working with one of the fastest growing public health organization in the US. I hope the visits to the companies, meetings with such beautiful people and the rigor of strategy class or fun with Finance at H-MO's class - (H-MO is the nick name of my finance prof who seems to hate her (infact anyone's) full name). I think too much number crunching makes you crunch names also. No offence intended Prof. I love your teaching :-)

I should end writing the academic note of my life here with some fun. That is what MBA is all about. Easing the week at the TAPS... that is what we call the Thursday Happy Hour or at least the two Sarahs (whole and sole organizers of TAPS) call it. Sometimes in life we get so much attached to our career that it becomes important to revisit the pictures that you just clicked and get reminded that now is the time to have some fun!

Tarun Jain.jpg

With Gold Gopher@Carlson school of Management

...................more to follow as soon as I am able to steal some time from the roller coaster ride!

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