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Carlson's Flexibility

I'm into my second semester here at Carlson, and I had some pretty interesting plans as I got into Carlson about what I'd do with my degree. I'm sure I'm not alone, everyone I've met in the program is motivated, and we're all ready to take on the world. Sometimes though, plans change.

A few days ago, I discovered that one of my plans that I thought was on the back burner, turned out to come right back into play. And those plans might involve putting me out of commission for several months at a time, and in the middle of my upcoming second year! I was a little worried, because I really didn't want to choose between school and an opportunity that I had been looking forward to.

Luckily for me, my registrar advisor assured me that regardless of what my plans were, if I was motivated to continue my degree, then Carlson could be flexible to accommodate whatever might be ahead of me, including if I had to disappear for a semester. Switching to part time was a possibility, and if necessary, there were online options available to me. I am still looking forward to finishing my degree, and while I'd prefer to finish with my cohort, I may have to take things as they come. My thanks to CSOM, for their continued, and upcoming support.

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