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Wrapping Up the First Year with MBA Prom and Looking forward to Summers

Yes, you heard it right. We do have a Prom night and in fact I am writing this post just after coming back from this biggest dance party of the season at Carlson. It is also time to reflect on my first year at the program. The things I could have done better which I would like the incoming MBAs to consider.

The biggest challenge that I faced during the last two semesters was prioritizing among the many different opportunities available for both learning and fun. It was indeed hard to miss a golf event with your final exam the next week and there were many such instances. But wait, isn't life all about prioritizing and doing what is best for us?

I am thankful to the program for giving me the platform to start developing the lifelong valuable skill of prioritizing. It is highly important to know very clearly about what one wants from the program and career in general. And there is no right time to start working on this. I believe that the summer before commencing the MBA program should be spent on networking with people of different professions (alumni through LinkedIn are great resource to tap) and reading resources like WetFeet to know which careers paths most interests you (Of course, it is important travel too before starting the grinding first semester). I would also recommend reaching out to your old colleagues/bosses/clients letting them know about this new change in your career. I am sure this exercise helps in choosing the right opportunities when the school starts. If you are an international student like I am, then I would also recommend coming to the city a little early and get acquainted with the culture and people. I did not do that and had stressful first few weeks when I was hunting for apartment or food options (I am a vegetarian). The school will help you a lot in inducting into the new student life and of course we, the soon to become second years, are there for you always. So reach out to us and your assigned buddy's early to hit the ground running when you start.

There are lots of other things that I want to share but I also do not want to make this post a boring read. So before I sign off I would like share one thing that I wish I could redo in the first year. It is to continue reading (other than course packets and job postings) whenever there was time on weekends. I would recommend regularly reading some magazines/papers such as, Economist, WSJ etc. early on if you are not already. If I still had time then some of the books which are due for me are: Life after Life (Kate Atkinson's), Inside Job, The Kite Runner, and Les Miserables. I hope this summer I find some time to read few of those.

Please excuse me for any typos as i am trusting my F7 button. I hope this note gives you some ideas on utilizing the summer before school. I am eager to see you beautiful people at the school in fall. Good Luck!

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