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And the Journey begins..

...fruits of all the thinking that went into the MBA application process (not to mention the customized crafted essay stories packaging me into a one hell of a product - which even I did not know before this) , I managed to start my elusive MBA journey at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School. Why Minnesota: If anyone is thinking what was I thinking while choosing to study in the snow, then I have only one answer that unfortunately the U never stops working and classes never stops despite the thunderstorm... :-) The rigor of the program stops me from thinking when it ends after two years because I am loving it!

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Learning from the true

An article last February highlights what I view to be one of the most valuable initiatives Carlson can provide to it's MBA students, encouraging veterans to enter the MBA program.

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Thumbnail image for images.jpgThis isn't my first time blogging about Carlson's support for military men and women, and it probably won't be my last - I take a lot of pride in our growth in and recognition for the support we provide our military veterans.

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tumblr_mhelvkFSKa1s1488vo1_1280.jpg Earlier this week, I had the great benefit of listening to the dean of the Carlson School, Sri Zaheer, speak at our monthly First Tuesday Speaker Series. Dean Zaheer addressed the changes in business and business education and how the Carlson School is at the forefront of these changes. As I listened, I was reminded of how honored I am to serve an institution that has such a strong impact nationally and globally through so many facets of business and business education. Dean Zaheer also pens her own blog through the Carlson School website and so you can read her complete 1st Tuesday address here.

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joyofholidaygiving_1_.jpg Philanthropy - a word on the minds of many, especially during the holiday season.

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When I joined the Carlson MBA program, I wasn't sure if I would participate in a Study Abroad experience but I knew Carlson required an International Experience of some sort. Up until last fall, I thought I would just take the International Experience class to fulfill this requirement. Balancing a Part-Time MBA schedule along with full time work and personal life felt like enough without adding in a few weeks of travel out of the country.

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We Salute You

On Veteran's Day, the United States honors our veterans and active men and women in uniform. It's a day to remember the sacrifices others have made and to be thankful for the liberties that have been bestowed upon us.

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Forté Board of Directors

Excellent news was recently released by Forté announcing our own Michelle Chevalier, Director of the Graduate Business Career Center, to their Board of Directors.

Forté Foundation is a consortium of major corporations and top business schools that has become a powerful change agent in educating and directing talented women toward leadership roles in business.

The Carlson School is proud to partner with Forté and, each year, we select two Forté Fellows from our incoming Full-Time MBA class at Carlson. Forte Fellows are awarded full-tuition scholarships and benefit from participation in the Forte Fellows Program.

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It was recently my privilege to participate in a written dialogue with F1GMAT, an on-line resource for MBA prep. Below is an excerpt from this interview:

F1GMAT: What makes Carlson School of Management stand out from its competition?

Linh Gilles(Carlson MBA): It's the combination of a lot of really great things that make Carlson stand out from our competition. I would have to first point out again that our Enterprise programs are truly unique to the Carlson School. No other program offers the same depth and rigor compared to what we offer through our Enterprise programs. Our students work on fee-based and high profile consultative projects for 2 ½ semesters or are managing multi-million dollar funds, either growth or fixed-income funds.

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Emerging Markets Symposium

What an exciting day on campus! Today is our Full-Time MBA student's Emerging Markets Symposium -- which gathers business leaders, academics, and MBA students to discuss doing business effectively in emerging economies. The symposium features a series of presentations by 2nd year MBA that highlight their research and recent visits to companies abroad during their Global Discovery Program experiences.

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