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And the Journey begins..

...fruits of all the thinking that went into the MBA application process (not to mention the customized crafted essay stories packaging me into a one hell of a product - which even I did not know before this) , I managed to start my elusive MBA journey at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School. Why Minnesota: If anyone is thinking what was I thinking while choosing to study in the snow, then I have only one answer that unfortunately the U never stops working and classes never stops despite the thunderstorm... :-) The rigor of the program stops me from thinking when it ends after two years because I am loving it!

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Final Exam

There's no need to even be worried; I studied for hours with classmates this weekend, I've been keeping up in class, and taking notes on all of the lectures.

"Ha! Who am I kidding?!" A quick cram session is as obligatory an exercise before any test as the Hot Pockets jingle is an expectation of a Jim Gaffigan set.

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The summit has made a huge impact - especially on behalf of prospective students. Quite simply, it was a groundbreaking event.

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Learning from the true

An article last February highlights what I view to be one of the most valuable initiatives Carlson can provide to it's MBA students, encouraging veterans to enter the MBA program.

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This program offered a global experience that was far more educational and authentic than any I could have had on my own. The Carlson students on the program spoke intimately with Chinese business executives about their work and the Chinese consumer market, they were invited to meals at local restaurants, karaoke, and even an end-of-year social exclusive to MBA students at Tsinghua University and their friends.

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Imagine my surprise, when what I learned in the classroom was EXACTLY what I needed at my job.

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If you've been admitted to Carlson's Class of 2015, then congratulations to you! As you prepare to leave your workplaces in the next few months, here are a few pieces of advice from my own experience.

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I find the varying backgrounds of the students very interesting. There are stay-at-home moms and dads, teachers, veterans, engineers, people from fortune 500s, people from companies with 3 employees, business owners, etc. The list goes on. The reasons people are in the course, also, vary quite a bit from not knowing what they will use the degree for to career advancement to everything in between.

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A Part-Time MBA's Saturday: Final Exams to Career Summit

It's hard to believe after wrapping up Marketing Management and Data Analysis & Statistics for Managers this week, I'm officially one-year into my MBA journey! There's no doubt it takes an adjustment to your work and personal lifestyle, but it has become very manageable and is now just part of my everyday routine. Despite having my Statistics final exam Saturday morning (and putting forth a very solid effort), I ventured across the way to the Carlson Career Summit, an all-day career conference designed specifically for part-time MBA students.

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The start of Spring B term at Carlson is really a new beginning for first-year MBAs in the Full-Time program. Here's a quick look at three of the things I'm most excited about:

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