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Seniors Claire Grasse and Emilie Sieker are taking their accounting skills global.

Medtronic Aims for Growth with Next CEO

Federal Home-building Programs Guarantee Waste

Carlson Grads Reach out to Youth

Union Effort Turns Its Focus to Target

It's Over: Ackman Sells his Target Shares

Altru Partners with Mayo Clinic

With Dividend, Will St. Jude Still Innovate?

Professor Parente Goes to Washington

Director of Medical Industry Leadership Institute to testifies before House Subcommittee on Health.

GBCC Director to chair membership committee.

Wanberg Receives Academy of Management Award

Recognized for year's most significant article in human resource management.

Fulbright alumni are the recipients of 39 Nobel Prizes, 65 Pulitzer Prizes, 24 MacArthur Foundation Awards, and 15 U.S. Presidential Medals of Freedom.

Winning the Internship Game

Chris Sacca shares advice on the path to happiness.

"Do We Unconsciously Design Buildings So That They Encourage Certain Types of Thinking?"

It's Over: Ackman Sells his Target Shares

Donohue-Hansen Receives Tomato Can Loving Cup Award

Started in 1929, award honors graduating senior who has exemplified high performance and outstanding service.

Address in Estonia to reflect on building a community of engaged scholars.

Hong Kong Commissioner Visits Carlson School

Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs shares what makes Hong Kong tick with students and faculty.

Making Her Own Luck

By meeting preparation with opportunity, senior Asha Sharma has co-founded a local teen center and secured a highly coveted position at Microsoft.

Sri Zaheer Named Interim Dean

Associate Dean of Faculty and Research to assume new role June 20.

Bruce Tait will discuss "Leadership Brands--How the Right Strategy Wins in any Economy" on June 7.

The Limits of Self-Control

People who bottle up emotions all day may be more at risk for aggressive behaviors

Professorships made possible thanks to continued generosity of Board of Overseers and alumni.

Explores Carlson School's connection with the community.

MIS Students Build House and Relationships

Carlson School students team with professionals on Habitat for Humanity project.

Viewpoint: When it comes to Employee Free Choice, some don't let the truth get in the way

Recently, I overheard a conversation between two ostensibly pro-union people discussing the Employee Free Choice Act. One of them kept insisting that the problem with the Free Choice Act was that it would abolish secret ballots. "You can't get rid of secret ballots!" He argued. "It's un-American!"

Viewpoint: Revised election rule would restore democracy for air, rail workers

The federal government is poised to make a decision that will dramatically improve the ability of workers at Delta Airlines to win union representation and mark a historic change for thousands of air and rail transportation workers.

Building a Thinking Room

Assistant Professor Lisa Leslie of the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies finds the reason for negative reactions to affirmative action plans is more complicated than racism.


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