Dan Forbes Named Batten Fellow

Fellowship will support 'Exploring the Ethics of Entrepreneurial Work'

Associate Professor Dan Forbes has been awarded a fellowship from the Batten Institute at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. Batten fellowships, which recognize professional achievement, aim to spur intellectual engagement and capital that advance knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Forbes will use the fellowship to support a research project called "Exploring the Ethics of Entrepreneurial Work," which is intended to deepen the understanding of entrepreneurship as a particular form of work. In particular, he hopes to explain how and why many people seem to perceive entrepreneurship as an "ideal" form of work.

"If people have an idealized sense that entrepreneurship is going to have characteristics A, B, and C and we can find out that A and B aren't really present and it only has half of C, then knowing that can help people make better decisions about whether and when to become entrepreneurs," says Forbes.

The fellowship will begin July 1 and last throughout the coming academic year.


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