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Arrival in Warsaw and First Few Days

I arrived in Warsaw, Poland last Sunday and have been going non stop ever since! We had a tour of the city on the first day--it is amazing how new the city is compared to some of the other European cities I have visited, and how far it has come since it was completely destroyed fifty years ago.

After the city tour on Monday, we had the opportunity to meet our Polish team members. Not only was it interesting to hear about student life from their perspective, but it was also nice to gain an Eastern European perspective on the role of marketing/branding as well as consumer behavior in the Eastern Europen marketplace. A few of the Polish MBA students took us out and showed us around Warsaw after our initial group meeting. It was nice to see the city from residents our age--not from a tour guide or a book!

Wednesday we had the opportunity to travel to Kzpecise, which is in the souther part of Poland, 4 hours away from Warsaw. Once there, we toured Cargill's Animal Nutrition Facility and talked with management about key issues and opportunities related to capacity and distribution. Seeing production from this perspective will give us a first hand vantage point into whether we recommend that Cargill expand their production facilities to service other European markets.

The trip is not all work! I have had the opportunity to see some pretty amazing places and eat at some pretty nice restuarants. Tomorrow morning I leave for Budapest, Hungary at 5 AM. I will post updates!