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June 3, 2009

Budapest and Project Work

We arrived in Budapest on Friday afternoon and immediately got on a bus to a small town of Karcag, which is on the Romanian border of Hungary! The road infrastructure is very underdeveloped in places and the trip took a lot longer than expected.

The reason we went to Karcag was to tour a small Cargill animal nutrition production facility. This is where Cargill plans to expand their capacity to manufacture pet food. It was very interesting to learn how much of Cargill's central and eastern European animal food operations were serviced from this one plant!

After the plant tour, we arrived back in Budapest and didn't waste any time seeing what the city had to offer. The first free day a few of us went to the Gallert baths and spent a day relaxing in the natural hot springs conversing with the locals to the best of our ability. We also took the opportunity to explore Margaret island in the middle of the Danube river as well as the many ancient Hungarian castles.

On Monday, we arrived back in Warsaw and began the final preparations for our presentation to Cargill. As I am on the branding segment, I conducted an in depth research of a local brand that Cargill could potentially acquire in the Russian market. Working and travelling is fun, but also very exhausting! I have to keep researching, but will update you soon!