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Back in MN

These last two weeks flew by, I cannot believe just two days ago I was at the Great Wall of China and now I am back in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. Choosing to go to China the summer after my freshman year was the best decision I have ever made. I learned so much about not only the Chinese culture, but my own as well. I gained insight into the ropes of an economy that is growing, even during a world wide recession. The Chinese business culture is taking off, gaining a new edge and making its impact on the world. I am curious to see where things will be even five years from now. It was very inspiring getting to visit different companies in China, hearing what they have to say about life and business in this foreign country, and understanding the immense opportunities it has to offer. If I ever had the chance to intern in China, or work for a period of time, I would take it in a heartbeat. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity and to have experienced two weeks of T.I.C. (this is China). Everything from seeing people do Tai Chi at seven in the morning in Shanghai to biking for five hours around the Moganshan mountain. Here's a few clips of the trip: Shanghai is the New York of China, it is very westernized but exemplifies the dynamic the Chinese economy has taken on. Getting on a bike buggy in Suzhou and hoping the man understood what we meant by Western food, only to find ourselves at McDonalds twenty minutes later was the funniest experince I have had. Toilets in China are very different (holes in the ground sort of), and you must remember to bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The food is not the typical Chinese food we find here in the U.S. Beijing is my favorite city in China! Getting to bargain prices in the Silk Market (paradise for shoppers) was a very cool experience. Remember: never pay more than 50% of their first offer, if that. The Great Wall and all the Olympics set up was amazing to see!!! Peking duck is delicious. When you pronounce Xie Xie, which means thank you, don't forget to pronounce the e (shie shie). I made the mistake of saying shi shi, which means go wash yourself...I found this out after a couple snickers. There is much more to tell, and words do not suffice. I look forward to the day I can return to China and explore further and learn even more about the culture. It's really kind of sad being back, even though I love home, I will miss our group and all the adventures and memories we created. Best two weeks ever.