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T minus 1 day!!!

It's finally almost here!! This time tomorrow I will be at the airport checking in and getting ready to embark on a 16 hour flight to China. It seems so surreal, I never thought the summer after my freshman year I'd be traveling to China. The idea of experiencing something completely new and different from what we are used to is super exciting, and I expect that it will be a great learning experience. Not only will I get to meet new people, try new food, test new social norms, and engage in activities I've never encountered before, but I'll also get to learn more about our own culture while taking in some Chinese scenery! I can't wait to see the Great Wall and the temples we always see in the movies and learn about in class. I'm also really looking forward to getting to know all my classmates I'm traveling with and our prof., Steve. It's not every day you get to share this experience with 28 other college students.

Getting to see all the companies we have learned about, getting to talk to entrepreneurs, and having an inside scoop into the business world in China, one of the most prominent in the world, is a unique experience I hope to be able to share with everyone soon enough!

Considering I am the world's worst packer, it has been a challenging task not letting my suitcase overflow... still working on it. I have probably made at least four Target runs in the last three days, and I'm thinking one more might be necessary. I'll add my packing list at the end in case it's any help to future study abroaders!