Picasa Photo Gallery Instruction

There are two ways to upload photos to your gmail picasa photo gallery. You can download Picasa application onto your computer or you can login to the Carlson School gmail account (see login below).

To download Picasa Applications login to the following site (please choose the site based on your operating system):

For MAC --- http://picasa.google.com/mac/
For PC --- http://picasa.google.com/

Install Picasa application onto your computer. Place in Applications folder for MAC and Programs folder for PC.

Open up application. Get username/password from International Programs staff.

Once you sign in, you can create albums, upload files by clicking the "+", navigate to the photos on your computer you want uploaded, select photos, click "add," click "upload, you have the option to view your gallery or not.

After photos have been uploaded:

Although slow, you can also upload your photos via the web. Once you've signed into gmail go to "Photos" at the top of the page.