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19 May--Shanghai

Jade Bhudda Temple:
Temple had several different statues and monuments for worshipers to pray to. The courtyard in between buildings was filled with inscents smoke. There was a constant flow of worshipers who came to pray. Also stopped at the temple's tea garden and tasted several different teas. The hostess explained the benefits of each as part of Western medicine.

Fabric Market:
Stopped at 3 story building filled with hundreds of small vendors who owned their own tailor businesses. After finding a shop you like, you pick out fabric from hundreds of patterns. The tailor measures you and asks your preferences for cuffs and collar design. I ordered customed tailored dress shirts and a pair of pants. They were made to my exact measurement and delivered to the hotel in 24 hrs. Would highly recommend the fabric market to anyone who visits. Find a tailor who speaks good English because they do exist. My shirts and pants fit better than ones I've bought in the US. A nice dress shirt in the US costs about $55; I got mine customed tailored here for $15.

Shanghainese dinner:
We had a large, family-style dinner our second night in Shanghai. All great food. The best was bamboo in vinegar and the steamed fish in soy and vinegar. Chinese custom is to not flip the whole fish over on the plate--it will bring bad luck to the fisherman. Instead, you have to eat the side that is facing up, then remove the bones and finish the remaining side.

Went out at night by taxi to a bar/club called Zapatos. It was the hang out for airline crews on layover in Shanghai. We took 4 cabs, and the drivers thought it would be fun to race each other. It was a wild cab ride.


how fun, can't wait to see your shirts! wish you could bring the food home love mom