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Food Day 1

Breakfast at the hotel: traditional Chinese breakfast, dumplings, noodles, seafoods, poached eggs, sweet pastries. Breakfast with chop sticks.

Lunch at a cafeteria style Chinese food court. Picked out each dish that you want and bring it up to the cash register. Fried dumplings with beef and celery, asparagus shoots in a vinegar and soy sauce, and steamed spring rolls. Lunch with chop sticks.

Dinner at family-style Shanghai restaurant. Too many dishes to count. Highlights: shredded tofu, lima beans, egg drop soup, beef dumplings, steamed fish in vinegar and soy sauce, beef and celery, kung pow chicken. Dinner with chop sticks. Too much to eat!


Sweet, sounds great. Thanks for writing. Way fun to check out the blog each day. All good here.

Hi Matt, I was waiting to hear about the food. Sounds good, lima beans are a highlight?

enjoy your time there

Hi Matt, are you hearing about any world news? Perhaps you get it on blackberry. Did you learn 10 phrases?