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Lecture at Tsinghau University

Attended a great lecture today at Tsinghua University (TU). TU is the best university in all of China--comparable to Harvard in the US. The professor who spoke to us is the dad of one of my good friends at CSOM. I didn't know this until today--small world! Prof. Yang's lecture was insightful. A key take away for me is the need for a better understanding in the US of why China has a Communist government. Prof. Yang provided strong rationale for the need for a Communist government, namely to prevent social unrest that plagued China previously and stunted its growth. The US does not have to support the Chinese political system, but it does need to understand why China support its political system. Prof. Yang also expressed the need for the US to move past the unilateralism it practices for the past 8 years. All in all, a great lecture.


We had lecture from Prof Yang last year too. Enjoy the last couple days while you are there.