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Suzhou Industrial Park

Ruth (my thesis advisor), I hope you are reading this blog. We visited Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), and I saw the Chinese government implementing many of my 5 themes for biotech economic development. SIP has established biopharmaceuticals as a focus area. SIP has its own education town with 5 universities designed specifically to train employees as needed by the companies in SIP. The companies contribute directly to the curriculums. The administrator I spoke with told me that SIP was having its own knowledge transfer issues getting new research from the universities to commercialization. SIP and the Chinese government are providing numerous different financial incentives aimed at closing the transfer gap. SIP has grown so large that it has developed into its own city of millions of citizens. This was a very enlightening visit. The Chinese are working very aggressively to attract FDI. Based on this, it is clear that China is on a path to pass the US as the largest economy in the world.