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Train to Beijing

We left Moganshan this afternoon for Beijing. We are riding an overnight train. We are in 4 bunk sleeper cars, and its the softest bed I've had all trip. Sitting here now with Kevin, Aaron, Paige, Mal, Laura, and Roxy looking out the window and discussing our favorite trip aspects so far. My favorite trip aspect: trying new foods!! Best food: Chinese style jap chae (bean-based noodles with beef and cabbage). 2nd favorite: cucumber soup.

Had great time in Shanghai and Moganshan. Looking forward to Beijing. Can't wait to see the northern culture and learn the history of China. Had some awesome food in Shanghai. Looking forward to a good hot pot and Peiking duck in Beijing.

Got to get back to the group. More later from Beijing.

Zaijian! (Good bye!)