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I think I need more Googliness to get a job

I just visited Google in India. Holy smokes, their operation is indescribable. Every single floor has a pantry with a cook/server to provide food. There are multiple cafeterias throughout the building. Their kitchen alone has the largest cooking pots I've ever seen in my life, about 5 people could stand comfortably in them. They use duel monitors for teleconferencing around the world in high quality picture on 50+ inch monitors. They have a work out center, showers, and bunk rooms for workers to sleep at Google. The campus has a badminton court as well as game rooms that have pool tables, ping pong tables, etc. I'm not quite sure how workers are able to get their work done on time if they can work at their own pace and spend their day playing games whenever they feel like it.

I asked a lot about the hiring process of Google. From what it sounds like, it is eqaully if not more competitive to get a job in India at Google. I had no luck on sealing an internship today, not yet at least. I'm going to send a follow up letter next week.