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Karaoke Night

Thursday, May 28, 2009
In the morning we had a lecture from one of the CK professors and then had the afternoon to work on our project. Nothing too exciting! On the way to lunch I did see some Chinese boys playing with Lego’s – Jack, I thought you would like that. The best part was having some alone time – I was able to get a work-out in and catch up on my blog.

After that we went to the mall where we were going to the Karaoke Bar. Before that, however, we did some marketing research in the mall and at the DQ. (I also had to stop by to get a little taste of home). We conducted about 30 surveys on cakes. Thank goodness one of our team members speaks Chinese, otherwise it would be pretty challenging. Then we headed to the Karaoke Bar.

As we enter the Karaoke Bar, we see some other students and they inform us we have to purchase our adult beverages (hey kids, that is “daddy juice”) and then bring them to our room. The interesting thing is this is not the Karaoke I have seen before where you are in a big bar with all sorts of people – NO! They are all private rooms. So we had our own room and it was only about 30 of us. We pick our own songs and go. It is also very sophisticated. There were about 4-5 microphones and a good sound system that was controlled by a computer screen with the list of songs.

One bummer was there was no Guns n’ Roses. The good songs for me (shown my age here) were Dancing Queen, Dancing in the Street by Lionel Richie, Rocky Mountain High. I couldn’t hang with the Jay Z! After that we headed downtown again to the Bund and went to the Captain’s Bar again. Pretty uneventful!