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On to Beijing

Friday, May 29, 2009
In the morning we went to another Carrefour store as class study. Then the bus dropped us off at the domestic airport for our flight to Beijing. The flight went really well. We arrived and were greeted by our tour guide, Amanda. They took us to our hotel. Beijing is a beautiful city! Very clean with well-groomed trees and shrubs – it is much greener than Shanghai.

We checked into our hotel and looked around a little bit then we went to dinner. We had Szechuan. It was very good – the spiciest we have had yet but not too bad. Next was a trip to this lakes area – man it was cool. Imagine the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes with bars and little shops all the way around them. All the bars had live music. It was a pretty vibrant place. After walking around for a while we ended up getting a paddle boat (pictures will be added later) and cruising around. I was with Truong and Nick. We would say “Ni Hao” – that means Hello in Chinese to everyone as we were paddling around. It was a lot of fun. Finally went home and caught up on my blog.

Tomorrow we have our tour of Beijing with Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven ending the day with a Peking Duck Dinner. I am certainly looking forward to it!