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Consulting for Cargill

About a month has now passed and I am in the heart of our consulting project for Cargill. Starting this class, I was really excited about the opportunities we would be presented with working for a big company like Cargill. I was also intrigued to learn more about emerging markets and an area of the world I have never been to. Thus far, we have spent the first few weeks learning about the region. Central and Eastern Europe is rich with history and cultural diversity that I was unaware of before this class. It has been interesting for me to learn about the differences between the countries in the region because I has always imagined this area as overly homogeneous. This was a wrong presumption and the variance in cultures, languages, and economic development are astounding. enjoying economics myself, this class has been really informative and cool in terms of the economic background we get on these countries and how we use this information to inform our decisions and recommendations to Cargill.

Last week was when we really started focusing on what we are going to do for Cargill. This topic shift started with a presentation by VPs of Cargill's Animal Nutrition department. They laid out a broad blanket of what we would be covering over the semester and how we would be helping them make critical decisions.

-- Side note: the more I hear about the Cargill business, the more I want to work for them. they just sound like a great company with good morals and a dedication to employees. I could also see myself working there and being able to work abroad. I just don't know if I know enough about the Ag business Yet.

After the Cargill presentation, it was great to see how teams were formed to attack the business problem presented. This is a real consulting job and It really started to feel that way when Prof. Bartlett, 'Project Manager', split us into teams. There is a Marketing/Branding team, a Supply Chain team, Strategy, and also country specific teams. Even with these teams there has been a lot of collaboration between the groups. we have big group discussions about problems and solutions. its cool, and I am having fun so far.