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Learning More & More

Over the past few days I have grown to enjoy Poland more and more. History is so important here and finding new little shops or polish places to eat has been fun. I have also been able to meet polish students who will be helping us on our Cargill project. The two polish students we have really made friends with have been Ula and Marta. Even with their busy schedules, they have made time to take us out, show us new parts of the city and just help us understand how the polish really live. A few nights ago they showed us the city by the river. From the river you can see both sides of the city and enjoy its beautiful night skyline.
In these past two days we have also learned more about our project and have a greater understanding of Cargill’s situation here in central and eastern Europe. Our first meeting was with the Cargill GM for Poland and the Polish team lead Martien. They truly have a deep understanding of what the market is like here in CEE. I am learning a lot about consulting projects and how they are continually fluid and can change scope when new information is presented. I am continually hit with new ways to look at a situation and problem, whether that is from a operations perspective, supply chain, or by understanding to customer better. Cargill’s great cooperation with us has illuminated how detailed our project is and its truly global reach.
Yesterday’s tour of Cargill’s Pet Food facility was very interesting and very informative when it came to operational questions and the town of Krypicie is very charming. We still have a lot of work to do but the next few days will be interesting and give me a real world view of consulting and working for Cargill.