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June 4, 2009

The Big Show

So today was the big day, the day we have been preparing for, and the day of truth. Today was our final presentation to the Cargill Poland team.

The presentation was intense and right away filled with questions from the Poland team. This lead to many in depth discussions and our group had to field a lot of detailed questions. The morning session was dedicated to the functional teams (strategy, marketing, distribution. etc) and the afternoon was dedicated to the country specific teams.

Overall the presentation went well and the management from Cargill said they were impressed with our findings. Honestly, i felt they were not suprised by anything we said but we more happy with the fact that we reinforced their assumptions and plans to move forward in the area. it was a good experience and i definitly feel that i know a lot more about consulting and how consulting projects work. I learned what a consulting project needs, how it should be organized and what the expectations should be.

The group has one more day to enjoy Poland and then we will be returning to Minnesota. I hope to remember Warsaw fondly and take the skills i have learned from this project into my future internships and career.

June 2, 2009

Most Popular Tourist Site in Budapest

This past weekend the group traveled to Hungary. The first day was a visit to the Cargill animal nutrition plant in Karcag. This plant was a lot bigger than the one in Poland. At first i was worried we would be receiving duplicate information from the manager at this plant but it turned out to be even more enlightening and we learned even more about the operational capabilities of Cargill and how they could service the eastern European market with a new pet food plant there.

Armed with new information, we headed to Budapest to stay for the weekend. I was really excited because Budapest is littered with classical buildings, historical landmarks and buzzing life in every direction. The problem was I started feeling sick when we landed in Hungary and i would soon discover I would be spending my weekend not in the living streets of Budapest but in dragging rooms of a Hungarian hospital.

To summerize the experience; I got so sick i needed 3 IV bags and multiple test run on me. all this in a creepy old soviet hospital which envokes images of psych wards in slasher movies. Though its puke green walls were not pleasent, the nurses and doctors were very nice and i was really lucky because lisa englander stayed the entire time with me to keep me company. She was a rock star. After a full night in the hospital, I was released i have slowly been recovering.

Now that we are back in Warsaw it is all back to business. we have really hunkered down and gotten a lot of work done today. our presentation is put together and i am getting really excited about what we will be delivering to Cargill. I also feel good about my part covering Russia. With all the hard we have put in and a little bit of luck, we will pull this presentation off with flying colors :)