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The Big Show

So today was the big day, the day we have been preparing for, and the day of truth. Today was our final presentation to the Cargill Poland team.

The presentation was intense and right away filled with questions from the Poland team. This lead to many in depth discussions and our group had to field a lot of detailed questions. The morning session was dedicated to the functional teams (strategy, marketing, distribution. etc) and the afternoon was dedicated to the country specific teams.

Overall the presentation went well and the management from Cargill said they were impressed with our findings. Honestly, i felt they were not suprised by anything we said but we more happy with the fact that we reinforced their assumptions and plans to move forward in the area. it was a good experience and i definitly feel that i know a lot more about consulting and how consulting projects work. I learned what a consulting project needs, how it should be organized and what the expectations should be.

The group has one more day to enjoy Poland and then we will be returning to Minnesota. I hope to remember Warsaw fondly and take the skills i have learned from this project into my future internships and career.