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No Small Stuff (cont.): Heavy Air Means Heavier Ballots and Postage Due in Shasta County, CA

Shasta County in northern California is facing slightly higher postage due costs because autumn humidity has made ballots slightly heavier than a first-class stamp. While ballots are still getting delivered, mail ballot postage is a growing problem that demands a solution.

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Is Political Science Blowing Its Close-Up?

Political science is at a high-water mark as a source of analysis of elections, but a pair of pre-election controversies threatens to discredit this otherwise valuable tool because of concerns that researchers are affecting and not just studying voting outcomes.

The Internet Association, Pew Team Up to Give Voters AND Election Offices Online Lookup Tools

Pew's Voting Information Project has partnered with the Internet Association on a suite of online voting lookup tools - and is also giving election offices the capability of providing these services from their official sites as well. It's a big deal.

Illinois Confronts Question of When Scanning Ballots Before Election Night Equals "Counting"

After an Illinois Attorney General's opinion that prohibited counting early and absentee ballots before Election Night, Cook County is asking the state to recognize its program of pre-tabulation scanning of ballots as something distinct from "tabulation."

No Small Stuff (cont.): Bleed-Through Means New Mexico Swaps Sharpies for Flairs

New Mexico is swapping Sharpies for Flairs at the polls after voter concerns about spoiling ballots - a change that will cost the state some money but is emblematic of the kinds of big "little decisions" that dominate election administration nationwide.

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