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USA TODAY: "Motor Voter Problems Mean Delays at Polls"

DMVs across the nation are falling short of their motor voter responsibilities, according to a new article in USA TODAY. Watch for states and advocates to push to close that gap.

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New Hampshire Judge Strikes Down Residency Law

A 2012 New Hampshire law imposing concrete requirements for voting domicile like vehicle registration and driver's licensing was permanently struck down by a state court yesterday. The smart bet is that the fight isn't over yet.

DIY: Brian Newby on Printing Ballots In-House

Johnson County, KS is taking the step of printing its ballots in-house for an upcoming election - a do it yourself project that looks to save costs and reduce workload. As always, we get a behind-the-scenes and up-close look courtesy of Brian Newby.

electionlineWeekly Q&A with Outgoing Idaho SoS Ben Ysursa

electionlineWeekly's Mindy Moretti is beginning a series of Q&A with the large number of outgoing Secretaries of State this year. First up, Idaho's Ben Ysursa, an election lifer ...

Deconstructing Domicile: Former L.A. Councilman, Spouse Convicted of Voter Fraud

A former L.A. City Councilman and his spouse were convicted yesterday of lying about their address in order to maintain residence in his district. The case is yet another reminder how slippery and fact-intensive questions of residency and domicile can be.

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