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electionline's Latest First Person Singular: Colorado's Scott Gessler

Colorado's outgoing SoS Scott Gessler is the subject of the latest First Person Singular from Mindy Moretti and electionline.org ... and the "Honey Badger of Colorado politics" has a lot to say about his tenure and the future of election administration in Colorado.

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Rick Hasen on Uniformity in Election Administration

Rick Hasen, UC-Irvine law professor and the Hardest Working Man in Election Law Business, has a fantastic new piece looking at the issue of uniformity in election administration which urges a focus on voters and not just entities like counties.

Internet Voting an Issue in Massachusetts SoS Race

The main challenger to Massachusetts' long-serving Secretary of State is trying to use online voting as a campaign issue in an effort to paint the incumbent as out of touch. It isn't likely to succeed but is definitely a sign of the times.

Strength in Numbers: Minnesota Joins ERIC Voter Registration Exchange

Minnesota is the latest state to join a multistate voter registration exchange - a move that will improve list quality and afford eligible but unregistered voters a chance to join the rolls.

IT'S BACK ON, WISCONSIN: Seventh Circuit Reinstates Voter ID

A three-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has reinstated Wisconsin's voter ID law - setting off a series of races against time as supporters and opponents try to resolve the controversy in their favor before Election Day.

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