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Too Soon! FL Election Officials Unhappy About Governor's Absentee Voting Mailer

A campaign mailer by the Florida governor's re-election campaign is prompting complaints from county election officials because it suggests that voters return vote-by-mail ballots - even though they won't be mailed until this week.

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Hasen: "Voting Wars" Finding Their Way Back to Supreme Court

UC-Irvine's Rick Hasen has a fantastic piece over at Slate setting the scene for the next round of "voting wars" litigation now reaching the U.S. Supreme Court. Says he: "We ignore what's coming at our peril."

Big State, BIG Job: New California SoS to Face Numerous Challenges

California's Secretary of State candidates are vying for the opportunity to serve in a high-visibility job with a long, long to-do list that covers the entire landscape of election policy issues from voter registration to voting machines - and the money to fund it all.

electionlineWeekly Litigation Round-up Reveals Many Unresolved Pre-Election Battles

This week's electionlineWeekly takes on the considerable task of compiling the latest news on the various pre-election lawsuits underway across the country. As electionline's Mindy Moretti says, there are still several legal shoes yet to drop.

Ohio Early Voting Case: What's The Baseline?

The 6th Circuit's opinion upholding the expansion of early voting in Ohio tees up a conflict with other courts on the technical but vitally important question of retrogression - in particular, the baseline for comparison when considering Voting Rights Act complaints.

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