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Humphrey School to Host SoS Forum TODAY

Two weeks from Election Day, Minnesota's campaign for Secretary of State is heating up on the eve of an event with all four candidates today at the Humphrey School.

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Manhunts, Ebola and Earthquakes, Oh My! electionlineWeekly Looks at Contingency Planning This Fall

electionlineWeekly's latest focuses on contingency planning - an issue that is better understood after 2012's Superstorm Sandy but is being tested for different reasons in communities like Monroe County, PA, Dallas, TX and Ferguson, MO.

Taking the Blame, Not the Bill: Florida Write-In Error to Cost Brevard $13K

How much does it cost when a candidate whose name wasn't on the ballot in the first place withdraws? In Brevard County, FL the answer is $13,000 - thanks to a quirk in state law and the failure of someone in Tallahassee to make a phone call.

New Research, Toolkit Identify Common Vote-by-Mail Errors in California

New research in California says that the vast majority of uncounted vote-by-mail ballots are because they arrive late, are missing a signature or can't be matched to a signature on file - and a group dedicated to improving elections has a toolkit to help prevent those errors.

electionlineWeekly Updates 2014 SoS Races

With Election Day about three weeks away, electionlineWeekly looks at the 2014 races for Secretary of State, where retirements and term limits mean that at least 12 states will have a new chief state election official starting in 2015.

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