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Rhode Island Legislation Would Permit Election Day Bake Sales

After a directive from the state shut down Election Day bake sales in Rhode Island, a new bill would reinstate them - which is welcome news to community groups trying to support school systems that are asked to close for voters but under pressure to economize.

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Student Video Asks: "Should We Trust Internet Voting?"

A new video by Princeton undergrad Kyle Dhillon examines the question of Internet voting and demonstrates both how it works as well as potential threats that suggest it isn't yet ready for widespread use in American elections.

New Pew Dispatch Chronicles VBM Increase (and Other Changes) Since 2000

Pew's latest Election Data Dispatch uses SPAE data to examine VBM changes since 2000 and finds that while more voters are receiving ballots by mail, not all of them are returning them the same way.

Paper Smothers (Lone) Rock? Absentee Voters Get Multiple Ballots in Local Montana Election

Absentee voters in Lone Rock, MT will have the opportunity to "vote early, vote often" - and do it legally - because they will be receiving three separate ballots from three separate local districts for the May 5 election.

Florida OVR: *Almost* There ... But Challenges Remain

Florida's OVR bill took another detour yesterday when the state House added a "data integrity" amendment county officials oppose and then promptly adjourned in a budget dispute with the Senate. All eyes now turn to Senate passage - and the Governor.

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