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SPRING BREAK: Light Blogging This Week

Full blog will return Monday, April 6.

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Taking the Next Steps: electionlineWeekly on Oregon's "New Motor Voter" Implementation

electionlineWeekly has an update on what's next in Oregon as the state prepares to implement its first-in-the-nation automatic (or "new motor voter") registration bill.

Access Denied: New ACLU/Center for Accessible Technology Report Rates State OVR Sites

A new report by the ACLU and The Center for Accessible Technology highlights the ways in which state online voter registration sites are not accessible to people with disabilities. Even better, it provides very specific advice on what's wrong and how to fix it.

Coming Soon to a Ohio Courthouse? Bill Requiring Student Voters to Get Ohio Licenses

A new Ohio bill requiring out-of-state student voters to obtain in-state drivers licenses is drawing opposition in the legislature and, if enacted, is a virtual certainty to draw still more litigation in a state already well-acquainted with courts deciding election rules.

You're Totally Mocking Me: College Mock Trial Nationals to Feature Contested Election

The American Mock Trial Association will use a disputed election case to crown its national championship next month in Cincinnati. It's a great opportunity to put elections in front of the sharp and highly-motivated students who compete in college mock trial.

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