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Spring (Blogging) Break

The blog will take a break this week (unless news breaks) and will return with a regular post on Monday, April 21.

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Include Me Out (UPDATE): Maricopa County to Make Changes to Prevent Repeat of 2012 Problems

Maricopa County's response to a high number of provisional ballots in 2012 is to implement a combination of hi-tech (e-pollbooks) and low-tech (day-glo vote by mail ballots) to ensure that voters cast the right ballot in the right place.

Light at the End of the Tunnel? Rules Committee Sends Two EAC Commissioner Nominees to Senate Floor

The EAC got a little closer to non-zero strength yesterday with a committee vote to send two nominees to the floor. What happens next (and what it means) is anyone's guess - but after years of nothing happening it's a start.

Deja Vu: Ohio Fighting About Absentee Ballots - Again

Once again, Ohio is battling over absentee ballots, as Cuyahoga executive (and gubernatorial candidate) Ed FitzGerald seeks to use county funds to mail applications to county voters - and state officials are trying to stop him. Is another compromise possible?

Pew's 2012 Index: Election Performance Improving, But Some States (Despite Progress) Still Lag

Pew's 2012 Elections Performance Index finds that progress is being made nationwide on increasing election performance but some states - even those with modest improvement - run the risk of being left behind.

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