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Deconstructing Domicile: Former L.A. Councilman, Spouse Convicted of Voter Fraud

A former L.A. City Councilman and his spouse were convicted yesterday of lying about their address in order to maintain residence in his district. The case is yet another reminder how slippery and fact-intensive questions of residency and domicile can be.

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Utah Forms Committee to Study Online Voting

A new committee in Utah will examine the issue of online voting in an effort to understand the promises and pitfalls of allowing more voters to cast their ballots via the Internet.

NCSL Q&A with Minnetonka's David Maeda

NCSL has been convening legislators and election officials to discuss election policy - and a new Q&A with the Minnetonka, MN city clerk illuminates several key issues at play in the North Star State.

Snap(shot) Decision: Wisconsin Considers Lifting Camera Ban at Polls

Wisconsin is currently considering a policy to allow cameras at the polls - a change that makes state election staff nervous and one which will almost certainly continue the fierce partisan battle over elections in the Badger State.

Getting Back Together: New Nominees Raise Hope for a Revived EAC

Two new nominees for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission suggest better days are ahead for an agency that is central to many aspects of the American election administration system.

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