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Brian Newby Warns: The "Big Bang" is Coming

Johnson County's Brian Newby is worried about the possibility of a "Big Bang" - a sudden, unforeseen event that scrambles the world of elections - and even more worried that his county isn't doing enough to be ready when it arrives.

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Cliff Ahead: Florida SoS, Supervisors Worry About Voting Machines

Florida's Secretary of State and local election officials are going to put their heads together next month to see if they can address the problem of aging voting equipment before the state's next presidential election.

Meet the New Nominee (Same as the Old Nominee?): Matthew Butler Tapped as New Dem EAC Pick

As GOP EAC nominees get a hearing in a Senate committee, the Democrats have named Matthew Butler as their one of their picks. His profile is lower, but the level of partisanship is probably about the same. [UPDATED with timing of Perez withdrawal]

It Is What It Is: Poll Reveals Fundamental, Permanent National Divide on Voter ID

New poll numbers show that while Americans overall think that voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement are roughly equal problems, deep divides on race, age - and yes, party - suggest that the voter ID debate in this country isn't going anywhere soon.

Minn. SoS-Elect Steve Simon Lays Out "Wish List" for New Term

Minnesota's Secretary of State-elect Steve Simon has a "wish list" for next year - including early voting, moving the state's primary to June and streamlining voter registration. Republican legislators appear to be on board with some but not all of these proposals.

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