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No Money, Mo' Problems: Two Arkansas Counties Deal with Financial Issues

Two Arkansas counties are discovering what happens when you lost track of election funding - either spending more than expected or failing to seek reimbursement - and now they're scrambling to recover.

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Even After Return, Congressional Opposition to EAC Continues

Even as the election community nationwide celebrates the return of the Election Assistance Commission, Congressional opponents - who think the EAC is unnecessary and wasn't missed during its lack of a quorum - are moving ahead with legislation to eliminate it.

Get 'Em While They're (REALLY) Young: 21-Year Old William Nesbitt is Danville, IL Election Director

Danville, IL's new election director is a 21-year old college student who will get his degree this spring. Still, he has embraced his new job and could be the harbinger of similar generational shifts across the profession.

Connecticut SoS Proposes Eliminating Elected Registrars - and Registrars Don't Like It

Connecticut (the "Land of Steady Habits") has a new habit of fighting about what to do about recent election problems. The Secretary of State says the state should appoint nonpartisan registrars - and the current partisan registrars (surprise!) don't like it.

Back in the Game: Newly-Reconstituted EAC Holds First Meeting

The EAC held its first meeting in four years yesterday - electing officers and doing some crucial business on voting system testing and certification. It's a promising start and hopefully it bodes well for the agency's future.

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