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FOLLOWUP: Mississippi ID Outreach Nets Almost 700 Voters

The State of Mississippi has provided IDs to nearly 700 voters statewide as part of its aggressive outreach effort - built in part through consultation with the federal government and community groups.

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Virginia Continues to Expand Voting Rights for Ex-Felons

Virginia's new Democratic Governor is continuing the work of his GOP predecessor to ease the process of voting rights restoration for ex-offenders in the Commonwealth.

GOP Response to PCEA: Green Light on Voter Registration Reforms, Red Light on Early Voting

The Republican National Lawyers Association has released a response to the PCEA that is broadly supportive of many proposed reforms like online voter registration - but draws a bright red line at the expansion of early voting.

Kansas Crosscheck Now Covers Over 100 Million Voters

A Kansas paper takes a closer look at the growing interstate voter crosscheck program launched by the state in 2007 and in use in more than half the nation today.

Spring (Blogging) Break

The blog will take a break this week (unless news breaks) and will return with a regular post on Monday, April 21.

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