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On the Road - No Blog Today

Back to college ... blog should return tomorrow!

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Yup'ik Ballots in Alaska Illuminate Language Challenges for Ballots, Election Materials

Concerns about availability and accuracy of ballots and other election materials in Yup'ik - a common Native Alaskan language - highlight similar challenges for other languages and communities nationwide.

I've Got A ... Golden Ballot? Los Angeles to Consider Voting Lottery

The Los Angeles Ethics Commission is asking a city legislative committee to study the feasibility of establishing a lottery to improve voter turnout in city elections. At first blush it appears to be legally permissible, but is it a good idea?

electionline's Q&A with Departing Minnesota SoS Mark Ritchie

electionlineWeekly's latest "First Person Singular" is with outgoing Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, who is leaving after eight eventful years at the helm.

You Can't Make This S[tuff] Up: CO Town Sues ALL Its Voters

In what is (at least for me) a first, a tiny Colorado town is suing all of its voters after a residency dispute clouded the results of a recent election. Evidence in the case includes a sewing machine, allegedly non-secret ballots and mountains of unplowed snow.

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