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Save the Stamp? Washington State Considers Covering Ballot Postage

Washington State is once again discussing whether or not to cover the cost of ballot postage - a proposal that would cost the state about $2.7 million over the next two years, though state and local officials (while supportive) are careful not to oversell the benefits.

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Mineral County Mystery: Are Votes Missing? Were They Hidden?

Three months after Mineral County, NV elected new local officials, discovery of a missing cartridge containing as many as 172 votes (which could swing outcomes) may trigger a criminal investigation and presents the County with a dilemma of how to respond.

Thumbs Up? New Mexico to Study Biometrics to ID Voters

A New Mexico state senator has proposed legislation to have the state study the feasibility of biometric identification for voting. While that change isn't likely to happen fast, the political, technical and fiscal issues it raises will be worth watching.

The 24th Amendment at 51: Preventing (and Defining) "Poll Taxes"

51 years after ratification of the 24th Amendment banning poll taxes in federal elections, the arguments continue over "poll taxes" - in essence, unfair costs imposed on voters. It will be interesting to see how this issue evolves as elections do.

California's "Remarkable" Turnout Curve Shows Effect of Age on Participation

New data from the 2014 election in California suggests that age is a major driver of turnout - if that's representative of larger trends nationally it could provide clues on how election officials can best serve the needs of their "customers" in the electorate.

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