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Kansas Legislation Moves Local Elections, Eliminates Presidential Primary - and Gives SoS Prosecutorial Powers

Kansas lawmakers, largely on partisan votes, have enacted legislation - an election omnibus and a separate bill on election fraud - that move some elections, eliminate others and grant the Secretary of State the powers he's requested to prosecute election fraud.

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Recanvass and Recount and Contest - OH, MY! What's Next in Razor-Thin KY GOP Primary

Kentucky is the latest state with election drama as the GOP gubernatorial primary looks like it'll require extra time to decide. Fortunately, Kentucky law professor Josh Douglas and senior editor Thomas Travis have the scoop on what's next - and what it means.

Drilling Down on the "Cost of Democracy" in Hastings, NE

NBC Nebraska's Shelby Fenster looks at the "cost of democracy" associated with special elections in Hastings, NE - and examines both how those costs add up and why residents might be willing to pay them.

Minnesota Enacts Small, But Significant Changes in Election Omnibus

Just a week after partisan disagreements over early voting and felon voting rights halted progress on an election bill, Minnesota legislators unanimously passed a more limited but still sweeping omnibus with a long list of small but important election policy changes.

Sign of the Times: Florida Governor's U-Turn on OVR

After months of debate in the state capitol and weeks of worrying in county election offices, Florida Governor Rick Scott has now signed legislation that will make the Sunshine State the latest to move toward online voter registration.

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