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August 2011

Customer Service in Elections: What Does it Mean?

Governments are being pressed more and more to improve "customer service" - what does this mean in the world of elections?

Worth the Wait: DOJ Review of SC Photo ID Could Yield First Real Data to Evaluate Claims of Disenfranchisement

The U.S. Department of Justice has asked for more time to review South Carolina's new photo ID law under the Voting Rights Act. While the delay will keep some in suspense, the extra time could yield valuable data in the effort to evaluate the impact of voter ID laws.

Cuyahoga, OH Dispute Raises Question: Who's in Charge of Elections?

A mounting controversy in Cuyahoga County, OH could re-open the long-running fight between states and localities for control over election administration.

Election Costs: A New Weapon?

The Port Orchard, WA City Council recently rolled back a decision because of the cost of holding a special election for voters to approve the change. What might this mean in other communities?

Americans' Technology Adoption and the Future of Elections

A wealth of Pew Internet data on Americans' technology adoption suggests that election offices have to commit to broader use of online delivery of voting information.

The Virginia Primary Day Earthquake, Contingency Planning ... and Andujar's Law

Virginia's Primary Day earthquake has raised the profile of contingency planning for elections, but (accidentally?) wise words from a former major leaguer suggest an additional mindset that's important to remember as well.

Problems with Voter Cards: Might Vaudeville (and the Internet) Have a Solution?

Solving the growing problem of delayed or incorrect voter cards might just take some inspiration from vaudeville - and an assist from 21st Century technology.

Stafford County, VA Controversy Highlights a Key Weakness in America's Election Administration System

A recent controversy in Stafford County, VA should be a call to action for the field of election administration.

Suddenly, the Voter ID Debate is Unpredictable

Recent stories out of Rhode Island and Ohio suggest that the voter ID debate may be breaking free of the partisan predictability that has dominated the issue.

The Seattle Times Says "Voting by Mail Doesn't Increase Turnout" in King County. Is That True? Does It Matter?

A recent report out of King County, WA has some really interesting data about the impact of the 2006 switch to vote by mail. One story, however, missed the point by focusing on turnout instead.

Light Blogging This Week: Full schedule to return August 22

Ah, vacation ...

Follow Friday, the Sequel: More Sites for Election Geeks

This week's Follow Friday highlights some of the best election geek resources on the Web.

52 Pickup: Redistricting Delays Likely to Cost Peoria Election Office $40,000

A recent story from Peoria, IL illustrates why redistricting can feel like "52 pickup" to election officials.

Quick Lesson from the Wisconsin Recalls: Election Officials are Public Figures

Election officials need to get used to being front page news.

As Minority Language Assistance Becomes More Common, A More Common Approach Makes Sense

The prospect of expanded minority language assistance under Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act is yet another opportunity for collaboration within the elections community.

Dual Registration Isn't Always a Crime - Sometimes It's a Day (or More) at the Beach

Rehoboth Beach, DE - "The Nation's Summer Capital" - uses a twist of voter residency requirements that is worth keeping in mind as you read today's headlines.

Follow Friday, Blog-Style: A Blog Roll for Election Geeks

In honor of Twitter's Follow Friday, a quick tour through some of the best election geekery in the blogosphere.

Election Budget Cuts: What Happens When You Go From If to How (and When)?

A disagreement in one Indiana county about how to cope with deep budget cuts is a glimpse of the future in states and localities nationwide.

The 2012 Presidential Primaries: When *Exactly* is Election Day Again?

The 2012 Presidential primary calendar will continue to confound observers and practitioners alike as many states roll back much of the "frontloading" that occurred in 2008.

The Lesson from Arizona's Online Voter Registration Outage: Lightning Often Strikes Twice

The recent outage affecting Arizona's EZVoter system highlights key issues and vulnerabilities for other states and localities considering online voter registration.

New federal case says voting machines aren't "facilities" under ADA; might the answer change as elections do?

A second opinion in a ten-year-old case raises questions about the intertwined future of elections and federal ADA enforcement.

Cost-Effective Election Administration: Figuring Savings Means Knowing Spending

Anoka County, MN's switch to a new web-based election management system points up the need for better cost accounting in the field of election administration.

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