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A Few Choice Words on Election Day 2011

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[Image - Norman Rockwell's "Election Day, 1944" - courtesy of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art]

... and by choice I mean someone else's. If you haven't already, please go vote and we'll see you back here tomorrow.


Cox or Harding? Harding or Cox?
You tell us, populi - you got the vox!

Franklin Pierce Adams, "Vox" (1920)


The proudest now is but my peer,
The highest not more high;
To-day, of all the weary year,
A king of men am I.
To-day alike are great and small,
The nameless and the known
My palace is the people's hall,
The ballot-box my throne!

Who serves to-day upon the list
Beside the served shall stand;
Alike the brown and wrinkled fist,
The gloved and dainty hand!
The rich is level with the poor,
The weak is strong to-day;
And sleekest broadcloth counts no more
Than homespun frock of gray.

To-day let pomp and vain pretence
My stubborn right abide;
I set a plain man's common sense
Against the pedant's pride.
To-day shall simple manhood try
The strength of gold and land
The wide world has not wealth to buy
The power in my right hand!

While there's a grief to seek redress,
Or balance to adjust,
Where weighs our living manhood less
Than Mammon's vilest dust, --
While there's a right to need my vote
A wrong to sweep away,
Up! clouted knee and ragged coat!
A man's a man to-day!

John Greenleaf Whittier, "The Poor Voter on Election Day" (1852)


Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be.

Sydney J. Harris

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