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June 2012

Angry Twitter Bird Followup: Alyssa Katz

Alyssa Katz, whose Tweet was the focus of my blog post Wednesday, follows up with more detail and her thoughts on social media and elections.

Election Administration "Tempting"? Yes, Please ...

A recent blog post in the Miami Herald highlights the trend of current and former legislators expressing interest in running for county election supervisor jobs. That isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Angry Twitter Birds: Unhappy NYC Voter Demonstrates Power, Reach of Social Media

Social media makes it easier than ever to take the pulse of voters on Election Day - but it also makes it possible for a single voter's problem to reach a (very) wide audience.

The Power of DIY? Hands-on Approach Might Help With Newer Voting Technology

A recent story on issues with ballot scanners in South Dakota and elsewhere highlights the value of jurisdictions' willingness to commit to hands-on management of voting technology.

Dollars and Sense: Election Policy Decisions Cost NYC, NC Big Bucks

Recent decisions by legislators in New York and North Carolina have had significant impacts on the election budgets of election administrators in both states.

Florida Voters Getting Lots of Help - Whether They Like It or Not

A recent controversy about an outside voter registration mailing in Florida highlights the challenge facing election offices when groups attempt to "help" voters.

GeekNet Grab Bag: Assorted Goodies

Wrapping up the look back at the recent GeekNet in Minneapolis with a quick summary of some topics that came up in our discussions ...

GeekNet Goodies Part III: LA County's GIS Operation

Geographic information systems (GIS) are becoming more and more valuable to election offices. Los Angeles County's Ken Bennett's GeekNet presentation highlights why (and how) GIS is poised to help election administrators do their jobs.

GeekNet Goodies (cont.): Maricopa's Provisional Ballot Processing Program

Maricopa County, Arizona has upgraded its provisional ballot process to handle the large volume of such ballots - a classic example of a bigger county using bigger resources to make a big job more manageable.

Attitude, Aptitude, Ability: Using Web Personas to Improve Online Design

Dana Chisnell's recent presentation on web design is a useful reminder to look past age and demographics to the things that really matter when users interact with technology.

Law and Order: Election Administration Unit

From electionlineWeekly June 14, 2012 - "News Roundup: 2012 has been a litigious year"

What To Do About Voting Technology? Know Before You Go

Even as work continues to improve voting technology, voters' best defense against problems at the polls is to be prepared in advance.

Phoenix City Council Divided on Election Consolidation Bill that Divided Counties

Phoenix city councilmembers are divided on whether to file suit against a newly-enacted election consolidation law which would put local and state elections on the same calendar.

Whose House? Whose Rules? Controversy Over Sign at Church Polling Place Leads New Hanover County, NC to Set Guidelines

Controversy over a church sign at a New Hanover County, NC polling place has led to a new policy regarding messages at such sites. This is potentially important given new research that suggests that "contextual priming" can have a powerful effect on elections.

52 Pickup - From Theory to Practice in Johnson County, Kansas

Redistricting's effect on election administration - a process I call "52 pickup" - is on in earnest in Kansas after a court-ordered plan was released late last week. Brian Newby's ElectionDiary gives us a front-row seat in Johnson County.

Fun With Domicile (cont.): The Case of the Red Pickup Truck

A red pickup truck has become a "star witness" in a Spokane County, WA dispute about the residency of a candidate for County Commission. These fights illuminate the power of domicile to amuse - and confound - in the workings of the election process.

Domino Effect: A Vignette From Yesterday's Wisconsin Recall

A vignette from yesterday's Wisconsin recall highlights what happens when the moving parts in an election don't quite come together.

Small is Beautiful - In Meagher County, Montana Hand Counting Still Makes Sense

Meagher County, Montana is one of a small but persistent handful of jurisdictions that still count ballots by hand. The technique may now work everywhere, but it does spare smaller jurisdictions the worries and controversy that often accompany newer voting technology.

Injunction in Florida Voter Registration Case Speaks to Clarity in Election Legislation

Last week's order in the case challenging Florida's voter registration laws is a judicial primer on the need for legislatures to say what they mean - and clearly - when enacting election legislation.

Humphrey Student Report Analyzes Impact of Voter ID in Minnesota

A new analysis by three Humphrey School masters' candidates of Minnesota's proposed voter ID amendment is a thorough - and thoroughly interesting - look at what it takes to move voter ID from policy to practice.

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