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August 2012

Voting FOR Your Wallet? New Paper Examines Lottery-Based Incentives for Voting

A new paper examines the potential of a lottery to boost turnout and finds that a system with a large number of small payouts could improve participation among non-voters. Don't spend your winnings yet, though - it would take a big policy change to make it happen.

Minnesota Supreme Court Clears Way for Fierce Fall Fight on Voter ID

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently rejected challenges to a ballot question asking voters to approve a constitutional amendment on voter ID. That decision tees up a fall vote that could even overshadow the race for the White House.

Not Last, At Last: Online Voter Registration Comes to New York

New York, which so often trails the pack on election administration, is actually in the middle of the curve on online voter registration - the biggest state to adopt the practice so far.

Ohio Provisional Ballot Case Raises Several Big Questions - and a Fascinating Tiny One, Too

Yesterday's federal court opinion about provisional ballots in Ohio raises numerous big issues that the Supreme Court could eventually have to answer - but it also poses a tiny problem that's just as fascinating.

Lots of Shoes Still to Drop: All Eyes on the Courts in Election Cases

As we approach ten weeks to Election Day, a number of high-profile cases that could roil the election process are still unresolved.

Data IS Beautiful (cont.): New Pew Interactive Graphic on Voter Participation

Pew's election team has produced an absolutely gorgeous interactive graphic on voter participation across the country 1990-2010. Check it out!

Twelve ... Ineligible Voters? Jury Excusal Forms Becoming Popular Tool to Clean Rolls

In many communities, voter rolls are used as part of the database for calls to jury duty. Recently, the relationship between the jury box and the voting booth has been significant in the other direction as well.

It Was My Understanding There Would Be No Math: DC Petition Challenge Says BOE's Numbers Don't Add Up

The DC Board of Elections is the target of a lawsuit by a group of citizens trying to get an amendment on the November ballot. What makes it interesting is the theory of the case: that DCBOE doesn't know the law - and can't do math.

Minnesota Federal Court Rejects Challenge to Election Day Registration

A federal court in Minnesota recently rejected challenges to the state's EDR system; while an appeal is likely, all eyes now turn to a court case on the fate of the voter ID amendment slated to be on this November's ballot.

Buckeye Ballot Battle: Election Controversies Heat Up in Ohio

Ohio is at war again over election policy - this time about early voting. Unfortunately, the argument has gotten so partisan (and now includes a racial aspect) which does not bode well for a clear or well-reasoned outcome.

Brian Newby on "Public Service"

Brian Newby has some really interesting - and moving - things to say about election administration and public service.

Brave New World Alert: Virgin America (and Ohio) Offer New Ways to Register

Two new programs - an airborne registration app sponsored by Virgin America and a terrestrial one sponsored by the State of Ohio - are examples of how voter registration is changing in 2012 and beyond.

Summer Re-Run: Shawnee, KS Special Election After Primary Mix-Up

A mistake in a single Topeka polling place has forced Shawnee County, KS to order a special election for 432 voters to help resolve a close primary.

News21 and the New Generation of Journalist Election Geeks

A new report by student journalists looking at data behind claims of voter fraud is garnering lots of attention ... but I want to shine a light on News21 itself, which is doing its part to educate the next generation of leaders in the field of elections.

Getting Disabled Voters Off the Sidelines?

A recent study highlighted in USA Today is a reminder that accessibility of the polls to voters with disabilities is still an issue.

Blog (and Blogger) On Vacation This Week

I'm going to take a week to escape the summer heat - not to mention the heat of election season. Meet me back here on Monday, August 13!

DIY Voter ID: Douglas County, KS to Produce Cards for Eligible Residents

The August 2 electionlineWeekly featured the story of Douglas County, KS' decision to produce its own voter IDs for eligible voters who need them.

MacArthur Foundation to Team with Election Academy, Dana Chisnell to Promote Field Guides for Ensuring Voter Intent

The MacArthur Foundation is supporting a joint effort by the Election Academy and usability expert Dana Chisnell to disseminate a series of design guides aimed at improving the voting experience by improving ballots and other voting materials.

"Counting Votes" in Johnson County, KS: Brian Newby's Take on New National Report

Johnson County, KS' Brian Newby had some thoughtful and substantive reactions to last week's Counting Votes report from his own county's perspective. They're worth a look.

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