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January 2013

"Long Data" vs. "Big Data" in Elections

A new WIRED Magazine article suggests that it's time to look past "big data" to "long data" - specifically, analysis with a longer time horizon that adds historical context. Could it work for elections?

More "Fun" with Special Elections: Minnesota 19A Special Primary

A sudden (and likely unnecessary) special primary election in south central Minnesota highlights the importance of managing costs by calibrating election capacity to voter demand.

Aloha, 2012: Hawaii Seeks to Put Troubled Election Year Behind

After a rough 2012, Hawaii's state election director will keep his job - with lots of encouragement and guidance on fixing the Aloha State's voting problems from a suddenly interested Legislature.

A New Type of Lawyering Up: NY State Bar Association Calls for Election Reform

The New York State Bar Association has released a report calling for numerous changes in election policy in the Empire State.

"Our Journey is Not Complete": Electionline Rounds Up New Election Legislation in 113th Congress

The 113th Congress has just come back to town and already numerous bills have been filed to address concerns about long lines at the polls. Electionline's Mindy Moretti has the roundup.

Overseas Vote Foundation Convenes 2013 Summit Today

The Overseas Vote Foundation is hosting its seventh annual summit today in Washington, DC. As usual, it's a day crammed with speakers and discussions about issues confronting absentee voters at home and abroad.

Study Suggests 201,000 Florida Voters Abandoned Long 2012 Lines

A new study by Ohio State professor Ted Allen suggests huge numbers of voters may have chosen not to vote in 2012 because of lines. His analysis could be helpful in the effort to reduce lines consistent with President Obama's call to action.

Assertion is Not Proof: Ohio to Put Voter Fraud Hearings on the Record

A new directive from Ohio's Secretary of State requires that all voter fraud complaints be given a formal, on the record public hearing.

Konopasek and Newby on the Importance of Imperfection

The arrival of inauguration season provides an opportunity to meditate on the role of imperfection in elections - with the help of two smart and important voices in the field.

Federal Appeals Court: Media Has No Right of Access to Polling Places

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court refused to override a Pennsylvania state law restricting access to polling places to provide a newsgathering exception for members of the media.

New Faces in Important Places: Missouri, Washington Get New Secretaries of State

Meet the new Secretaries of State sworn in this week in Missouri and Washington State.

Minnesota Task Force on Election Integrity Releases Second Report

Minnesota's Task Force on Election Integrity released a new report favoring changes to the state's laws regarding felon voting and advocating the adoption of electronic pollbooks.

Include Me Out: Arizona Seeks to Reduce Provisional Ballots by Cleaning Up Permanent Early Voting Lists

Movie mogul Sam Goldwyn's famous phrase seems especially appropriate in light of Arizona's efforts to address the impact of the Permanent Early Voting List on the high number of provisional ballots in 2012.

Straight-Ticket Voting: In or Out? Depends Where You Live

Straight-ticket voting is in the headlines in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. What's interesting is that the two states are discussing the prospect of moving in exact opposite directions on the issue.

Falls Church, VA's Bjerke: "The Show Must Go On"

This week's electionlineWeekly features a guest contribution by David Bjerke, General Registrar of Falls Church, VA. This former drummer's perspective on elections as "event management" is fascinating and worth a read!

Konopasek's New ElectionGuru Asks: What's a "Good" Election?

Former election official and current doctoral candidate Scott Konopasek has a new blog which kicks off by asking a tough question: what's a good election?

EAC Roundtable TODAY: "Informing Change: A Review of Events and Issues of the 2012 Elections Cycle"

The EAC is holding a day-long, jam-packed roundtable to look back at the 2012 election and ahead to 2013.

State Audit Faults Officials, Vendor for Ballot Delays in St. Lucie County, FL

A new audit by the Florida Secretary of State finds that tabulation problems in St. Lucie County triggered by memory card failures were compounded by management issues during tabulation. The vendor doesn't get off easy, either.

NCSL Update on Voter ID Legislation in 2013

Voter ID may not take center stage like it did in 2012, but the issue is still very much alive in some states for 2013, as NCSL found in a pre-session update.

We Are The Champions: Connecticut Recognizes 2012 Democracy Cup Winners

Connecticut recently awarded the annual Democracy Cup to four communities with the highest voter turnout in 2012. It's an interesting concept; could it catch on elsewhere?

Newby on Social Media in Election Administration: "Let's Talk Business"

Brian Newby's latest ElectionDiary contains some "tough love" for social media companies seeking to work with election officials in 2013 and beyond.

Happy New Year! Storylines to Watch in 2013

As the New Year dawns, here are some storylines which are likely to play a big role in election policy in 2013.

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