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February 2013

Should I Stay or Should I Go? States Weigh Future of Federal Voting System Certification

Yesterday's session of the EAC/NIST Future of Voting Systems Symposium highlighted some key issues and concerns about the continued viability of federal testing and certification.

SCOTUSblog's Lyle Denniston on the Supreme Court and Section 5

Renowned Supreme Court guru and SCOTUSblog legal analyst Lyle Denniston offers a preview of the Court's options in Shelby County v. Holder, the challenge to the Voting Rights Act being argued today.

NIST, EAC Future of Voting Systems Symposium

NIST and the EAC are co-hosting a three-day symposium focusing on a wide range of issues affecting the future of voting systems in the United States.

Miami "Phantom Ballots" Case Highlights New Frontiers for Fraud

An amazing story out of Miami reveals that someone submitted fake online absentee ballot requests for thousands of voters last year. Election officials thwarted the scheme but it still raises important issues for election administration.

Election Law Symposium at William and Mary

William and Mary's Election Law Society hosted a symposium yesterday on election delays like long lines - which featured a terrific guest list and some fascinating ideas about what could be next in elections nationwide.

Newby on the Other Big Election News in the State of the Union

In addition to announcing a federal commission on election reform last week, President Obama also announced plans to increase the minimum wage. Brian Newby looks at what that means for election officials now and in the future.

Old Problem, Older Solution? Daily News Calls for Return of NYC Lever Machines

New York City is facing the prospect of three elections in eight weeks this fall ... and at least one paper is saying that means it's time to roll out the old lever machines.

electionlineWeekly on USPS, Saturday Delivery and Elections

This week's electionlineWeekly looks in more depth at election officials' planned responses to the recent announcement that the Postal Service will end Saturday home delivery next August.

Yuma's 2012 Vote Center Experience, in Glorious Detail

A new story out of Yuma, AZ describes the County's recent experience with vote centers and lays out - in exquisite detail - what worked and what didn't. It's a great read.

Thoughts on the New Presidential Commission on Election Administration

The new Presidential Commission on Election Reform is the latest such effort to seek consensus on the way forward in elections. Its mission, leadership and likely focus are reasons for optimism if not necessarily a guarantee of success.

102 Year-Old Desilene Victor Highlights Complexity Facing Election Reform

102 year-old Desilene Victor is likely to be the face of President Obama's call for election reform in the wake of long lines in 2012. But Ms. Victor's story is far complex than a long line on Election Day, and highlights the challenges in the debate ahead.

Heather Gerken on Pew's New Election Index

Yale Law School's Heather Gerken takes a look at Pew's new Elections Performance Index - which she helped create - and likes what she sees.

Lines at the Polls: Problem or Not, They're Not New

With debates in Washington looming about what to do about lines at the polls, MIT's Charles Stewart discovered that - at least according to one regular survey - the lines we saw in 2012 aren't really new.

No Mail on Saturdays? Election Officials Consider the Impact

Election officials are reacting with concern to yesterday's announcement that the Postal Service will soon stop Saturday home mail service.

Better Elections Performance Through Measurement: Pew's New Index

Pew has released its inaugural Elections Performance Index, which signals a new era of evidence-based elections policy discussions both between and within states.

Fit to Print: The New York Times on Long Lines at the Polls

Today's New York Times has a front page article looking at the issue of long voting lines and the potential federal response. While the attention (and data) is welcome, the continued partisan narrative is disheartening.

In Wake of Tragedy, Could Schools Be Out as Polling Places?

Cumberland County, PA is the latest community to consider relocating polling places from schools after the shootings in Newtown, CT last December. It's a complicated issue that requires a balance between security and community.

In St. Charles, A Penny Saved is a Voting Machine Purchased

St. Charles County, MO is purchasing new voting machines using funds it collected from leasing the old ones - a solution to election funding challenges worthy of note to other communities.

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