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May 2013

Vote Centers Turn 10

From this week's electionlineWeekly: Vote centers, which first appeared in Colorado in 2003, are growing in popularity across the nation.

New Data on State Legislative Polarization - What Does it Mean for Election Policy?

New data on state legislative polarization sheds some light on the recurrence of certain states in the election policy debate.

New Virginia Report Highlights Challenges of Felon RE-Enfranchisement [UPDATED]

A new Virginia report sets out the the issues facing individuals seeking to have their voting rights restored after a felony conviction. As with similar efforts in other states, the problem is much clearer than the solution. [UPDATED with news of a new effort by Governor Robert McDonnell].

20 Years Later, NVRA - and Controversy - Still Going Strong in Ohio

Ohio recently announced that it was implementing some key provisions of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. At least one of those key provisions is still getting resistance from Democrats 20 years after the law's enactment.

Happy Memorial Day

No blog today - see you tomorrow!

Heavy Lifting: San Francisco's Voter Guide is One for the Books

Thanks to a dispute over a city referendum, San Francisco's 2013 voter guide will clock in at more than 500 pages at a cost to the city of almost $2 million.

Brian Newby on Finding Homes for Early Voting

As early voting becomes more popular - and wait times of any kind at any voting location more unpopular - finding just the right place for polling locations is vital. Brian Newby gives us a peek inside that effort.

Membership of New Presidential Commission Announced

President Obama's long-awaited election commission finally arrived yesterday. There will be lots more to say as the group gets to work, but here are the details on the (impressive) group of appointees from the worlds of law, business and- yes! - elections.

Some Small Stuff is TOO Small: Dutchess County, NY Order on Student Voting

A federal judge issued an order last week blocking a local election commissioner from requiring specific dorm information from student voters after allegations that such information was unnecessary and thus blocking students from voting.

Younger Every Year: New Pushes to Lower Voting Age

Takoma Park, MD just lowered its voting age to 16 in City elections. What could this mean in other jurisdictions?

Outgoing NC Director Gary Bartlett and the (Simple) Secret for Election Success

North Carolina's Gary Bartlett - recently replaced by a new state board of elections - shared some thoughts with electionlineWeekly about succeeding in elections. Simply put, it's worth reading.

Confused or Criminal - and Who Decides? That's the Question in Hamilton County

Voter fraud is once again an issue in Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Ohio, where a dispute about how to handle allegations of double voting by apparently confused voters is dividing on partisan lines.

No-Show Poll Workers in Jersey City Election

Two precincts in yesterday's Jersey City election were unable to receive voters until late morning because poll workers - and the poll books in their possession - were no-shows when the doors opened.

Brian Newby and The (Uncertain and Expensive) Future of Elections

Brian Newby's latest Election Diary takes on the "future of elections" and describes the challenges facing election administrators in their efforts to plan - and pay for - that future.

Election Administration Issues and NYC's Non-Citizen Voting Proposal

A proposal to allow legal non-citizens to cast ballots in New York City elections raises a host of fascinating administration issues beyond the obvious policy disputes accompanying an expansion of the franchise in the nation's largest city.

New Census Report Addresses Registration and Voting in 2012

The Census Bureau has released its report on registration and voting in 2012. While some of the findings are jarring (Mississippi #1 in turnout? Minnesota begs to differ) the linkage of participation data to demographics makes the report a valuable tool.

Moot Vote: Counting When It Doesn't Count

What happens when the underlying decision to be made in an election is suddenly moot before voting is over? That's the question in South Florida when the tax deal supporting a Dolphins stadium vote fell through in the Legislature.

In Connecticut, Early Voting is a Constitutional Issue

A proposal to establish an early voting pilot in selected Connecticut municipalities is encountering the same constitutional questions that resulted in an ongoing effort to enact an amendment to allow the practice at the state level.

Time is (Big) Money: Richland, SC Problems Cost County $153,000

The cost of the troubled 2012 election in Richland County, SC includes over $150,000 in legal fees to investigate and resolve the problems ... but the cost could have been much higher had not one attorney been willing to work even longer for free.

Battling Across the Finish Line: Florida and Colorado Move Toward Approval of Reform Bills

Election reform bills in Florida and Colorado are very close to becoming law after votes last week - but those votes reflect the continuing divisions between the parties on elections policy.

The Most Important Moving Part in Elections: The Voter

One sharp-eyed voter in McAllen, TX saved a county from a potentially bigger problem on Election Day. Her story reminds the rest of us that voters are a vitally important - maybe the most important - part of any election system.

Pennsylvania Judge in ID Case Says "Show Me the Data"

A state court judge hearing the challenge to Pennsylvania's voter ID requirement asked for some key data to help decide the case. While that isn't an unusual thing for a judge to do, it does signal a departure from the largely fact-less arguments we've had to date.

As Web Turns 20, Voting Information Slowly Comes of Age

The World Wide Web celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday. After two decades of explosive growth, however, there are still areas (including elections) where its influence has yet to reach. A new Pew infographic has the details.

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