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June 2013

Elections After Shelby County: Bring on the Election Geeks

In the wake of the Shelby County case - which fundamentally altered many familiar aspects of the American electoral landscape - data (and the election geeks who love it) will be more important than ever.

New 2012 EAC Data Available

Two new 2012 data products from the Election Assistance Commission give election geeks a lot to chew on ...

Justin Levitt on Shelby County Case: Aftermath Could Get Expensive

The impact of the Supreme Court's decision to cut back the Voting Rights Act is bound to have a wide-ranging impact, but Loyola's Justin Levitt suggests that the decision could hit jurisdictions in a particularly painful place: the wallet.

Failure to Communicate (cont.): Tech Issues Stall Kansas Proof-of-Citizenship

Many would-be Kansas voters are unable to complete their registrations because of a technical problem involving proof-of-citizenship documents. It's a familiar situation which other states will seek to avoid as they also look to share data to streamline voting.

Presidential Commission's Task: Focus on the Little Things

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration has begun its deliberations - and while it won't be offering legislative recommendations on big "hot button" topics, it will be focusing on key little things that may actually improve elections in the long run.

The Hits Keep Coming - Four New Field Guides Now Available

Dana Chisnell and her colleagues have released four more volumes of the already-popular Field Guides aimed at improving the voter experience. Get yours today!

New Jersey's Extra Election: A Look at the Details - and Potential Price Tag

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's decision to schedule two elections in late 2013 - the general election and an October special to fill a vacant U.S. Senate seat - is sparking controversy and litigation, even as the state lays out its plans for this fall's two votes.

New "Effective Democracy" Series Starts With Look at Early, Absentee Voting in Minnesota

MinnPost recently ran a story about efforts to expand early and absentee voting in Minnesota as part of a new Joyce-funded effort called "Effective Democracy." It's worth a look.

Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council: Opinions Have Layers

Yesterday's Supreme Court opinion involving Arizona's proof of citizenship requirement is fascinating because it has layers that will affect the short, medium and long-term of elections in the United States.

New Pew Snapshots Provide State-Level Look at 2012 Election Data

Pew's Elections team has begun to release a series of state-level snapshots of data from 2012, providing a fascinating and concise way to look back at last year's election.

Larry Lomax on Elections: "Is That a Full-Time Job?"

This week's electionlineWeekly features another insightful (and funny) "First Person Singular" - this time by retiring Clark County registrar Larry Lomax ... who's beginning his retirement with a stint on the Presidential Commission on Election Administration!

New Report Shows Modest Increase in Pre-Election Day Ballots in 2012

A new post by George Mason's Michael McDonald identifies a small increase in pre-Election Day voting in 2012 and makes two key observations about the likelihood of a continued upward trend and what it means for election officials.

Fun With Denominators (cont.): Ohio County Seeks Repeal of Voting Machine Ratios

Lake County, Ohio is seeking repeal of a 2006 law fixing a ratio of voters to voting machines. That effort suggests that the field is gaining awareness about how the notion of election capacity is changing as election methods are changing nationwide.

In California, State Budget Decisions Mean Empty Pockets for Local Election Officials

California's continuing suspension of state mandates in elections - again, a feature of the newest budget deal - is a point of concern for local officials across the state.

Florida "Phantom Ballots" Point to Congressional Campaign

The Miami-Dade online ballot request mystery took another turn as campaign staff for a member of Congress are now targets of an investigation into whether they sought to use the "phantom ballots" to influence the outcome of one or more races.

Eastward Ho: Vote By Mail Expands in Utah

The latest story in electionlineWeekly examines the growth of vote-by-mail in Utah, and highlights some cost and postal issues that are especially interesting.

Good News, Bad News: Illinois Enacts Online Registration But No Funds to Pay For It

Illinois recently enacted online voter registration bill without any funds to cover it. If state and local officials go ahead with implementation - which they believe could save them money - it could change our understanding of the fiscal impact of election policy changes.

Guest Post: Mobile QBs Challenge Defenses AND Voter Rolls

This guest post from a former student illustrates how the (off-the-field) mobility of Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III highlights the challenges of address changes for election officials nationwide.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case Seeking Polling Place Access for Pennsylvania Media

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from a federal appeals decision limiting polling place access to the media under Pennsylvania law.

Idaho Election Costs: Fun With Denominators

New cost data from Ada County (Boise) Idaho makes it possible to calculate the cost of elections to voters and non-voters alike, regardless of turnout.

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