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July 2013

Change is Gonna Come: Brian Newby's Latest

The latest ElectionDiary by Brian Newby takes the idea of change and uses it as a clarion call for innovation in the field of election administration.

School's Out - As a Polling Place? NJ Town Seeks New Voting Locations

A New Jersey town is seeking to move voting out of its school buildings this fall, citing security concerns and the crowded election calendar.

After Difficult 2012, Richland County Hopes to Spend Problems Into Submission

Richland County, SC's plan to address problems that arose on Election Day 2012 - causing controversy and leading to new leadership in the election office - involves a dramatic increase in spending to ensure that the problems don't occur again in 2013.

DOJ Opens New Front in Fight Over Voting Rights Act

About a month after the Supreme Court effectively eliminated preclearance as a key part of the Voting Rights Act, the U.S. Department of Justice has signaled its intention to re-open the debate by asking courts to re-impose preclearance on certain states.

Arizona Consolidation Fight Goes to Court

Two big Arizona cities are challenging a new state law consolidating local elections in even-numbered years, claiming that it infringes on local autonomy and won't produce the promised cost savings and turnout effects.

Sign of the Times? Texas County to Install Panic Button in Election Office

An interesting story for a busy day - Ector County, TX is getting panic buttons for its county election office.

No Small Stuff (cont.): As New Jersey Special Election Heats Up, County Seeks Funding to Keep Cool

One New Jersey town is looking to the state to cover the costs of fans to keep polling places cool during next month's special primary. It sounds small, but is actually indicative of a larger funding issue locals face when states schedule special elections.

Inside the Counting Room: Oregon County Details Steps After Ballot Tampering Conviction

Clackamas County, OR is retooling its ballot counting process - with everything from cameras to green and purple pens - after a tampering conviction marred the 2012 vote.

Maybe NOT Mailing it In? Newby's Latest is *Optimistic* About Postal Service

The latest ElectionDiary from Brian Newby demonstrates the lengths to which some election officials have to go to try to fix their postal problems. Fortunately, those efforts can pay off in good news - as he details in today's post.

New Nebraska Data Suggests Turnout in Non-Candidate Special Elections Higher With Vote-by-Mail

New data from Nebraska suggests that vote-by-mail in non-candidate special elections appears to be associated with higher turnout.

Cautionary Tale: Student Gets Jail Time for Stealing Online School Election

The curious case of a California college student who attempted to steal a school election (and got jail time for it) is a useful lesson for election officials about the types of threats to the voting process that can emerge via technology.

Federal Judge Makes "Right Church, Wrong Pew" Permanent in Ohio

A new federal court order permanently requires the State of Ohio to count certain provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct due to pollworker error.

A Solution for Long Lines: 52 Pickup?

Two South Florida counties are looking to the "necessary evil" of reprecincting (or, as I call it, "52 pickup") as a way to address some of the issues that led to long lines at the polls in November 2012.

Wisconsin Study Details Polling Place Accessibility Problems

A new report by Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board documents continued challenges in making polling places accessible for all voters and stresses the need for election officials and community members to work together on these challenges.

Objection Noted - Now Get Busy: Colorado SoS Implements New Election Law on Accelerated Timeline

Thanks to some potential recall elections, Colorado's Secretary of State is facing the need to move quickly on implementing a new law (which he vehemently opposed) mandating same-day registration and expanded vote-by-mail. Batten the hatches.

Fun With Domicile (cont.): RV Voters in Ohio - Does Wanderlust = Fraud?

The fun and fascinating story of voting domicile gets a new chapter in a motor home court outside of Cincinnati, where concerns about the residency of RV voters has the county board of elections investigating.

All the News That's Fit to (Re)Blog: Following Up on Old Posts

This week's news has several stories updating the subjects of various blog posts here. Take a few minutes and get caught up!

Newby's Commission Question: Where's the Beef?

Brian Newby's latest ElectionDiary calls on the Presidential Commission on Election Administration to think about the need to speak to policymakers at every level - including the need to put some MEAT into its final recommendations.

Back Soon

I'm going to be away a few days - blog will return soon. See you then!

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