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August 2013

Farewell, Summer: Blog to Return September 3

One more short vacation before Labor Day (with bonus re-post of beach-related election geekery from 2011)!

New Survey on Election Administration in Support of Presidential Commission

Election officials are asked to respond to a survey that is intended to provide the latest data on election administration nationwide. The results will be used to assist the Presidential Commission on Election Administration.

New PewInternet Report Shows Prevalence of Broadband, Importance of Smartphones

A new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project details the growth in home broadband adoption and flags the increasing popularity of smartphones as a tool for accessing online content.

Stuffing the ... Precinct? Small Boston Precincts Create Big Problems

The phrase "crowded field" takes on new meaning as Boston election officials face the challenge of squeezing poll workers, watchers from 50 campaigns - and yes, voters - into small precincts in the upcoming city election.

Detroit Follow-up: State to Re-Tally Disputed Write-in Votes

The State of Michigan will re-tally the disputed write-in votes in the Detroit primary - a task that falls to the state after local staff apparently waited until the deadline to alert county staff of the problem involving hash marks.


Off to college - blog will return Monday, August 26!

Making a Hash of It: Detroit's Write-in Ballots Roil Mayoral Primary

A dispute over write-in tallies has thrown the results of Detroit's recent mayoral primary into chaos.

Mahalo ʻAʻohe ("No Thanks") - Honolulu Declines to Help State with Online Registration

The State of Hawaii is working on a backup plan for online registration after the City of Honolulu - which already manages other state IT projects - declined to work with the state on its new OVR system.

Registration Backlog Leads to Shakeup in Fulton County

The new election director in Fulton County, GA has removed a deputy who recently served as interim director after discovering a backlog of thousands of unprocessed voter registrations.

Big Precinct, Big Trouble? Boone, NC Grapples with Consolidation

A local election board is proposing that Boone, NC combine its three precincts into a single location serving over 9,000 voters. Not surprisingly, not everyone is happy with the change.

Hamilton County Problems Prompt Poll Worker Retraining - and Firings

Hamilton County, OH has finished an assessment of its poll workers as part of a larger review of the 2012 election - and 163 of those workers will not be asked back.

No Small Stuff (cont.): Unsigned Ballot Could Decide Washington Local Race

A single unsigned mail ballot has candidates and election officials in suspense in a close local race in Washington State.

Aaron Strauss' Election Day Resource Calculator

Aaron Strauss - election geek extraordinaire! - has a new blog post proposing (and building) a tool to figure out how many machines and poll workers are necessary in a given precinct on Election Day.

Ohio To Get Online Registration?

Ohio is poised to debate and enact online voter registration - but the even bigger story is that both parties seem to like it.

Gronke: Maps Illustrate Diversity of Polling Place Alternatives

Paul Gronke of Reed College's Early Voting Information Center has created a series of eye-opening maps about the significant - yet uneven - expansion of polling place alternatives across the nation.

Lyle Denniston on Voting Rights After Shelby: Texas Strikes Back

The State of Texas has replied to an effort by the U.S. Department of Justice to once again require preclearance of voting changes under the Voting Rights Act. The reply suggests that we may see another Supreme Court challenge sometime soon.

Cerro Gordo's Home-Grown Precinct Atlas Software Gets $200K Payback

Cerro Gordo County's Precinct Atlas software - developed in-house and shared with other Iowa counties - just earned the county $200,000 in current and future payments for the service.

Chisnell on Using Language That Voters Need and Understand

Dana Chisnell is back with another edition of her online election design newsletter - and this time it's about utilizing (oops, sorry - *using*) language that voters can understand.

More News from Cincinnati: Police Officers Registered at Work, Not Home Address

Thirty Cincinnati police officers used a work address to register to vote, a County review has found - yet another example of the complexity of registration issues.

Stateline Examines DOJ's Next Steps on Voting Rights Act

Jake Grovum of Pew's Stateline news service has a terrific look at the scope of the coming clash between the U.S. Department of Justice and the states over the Voting Rights Act.

South Dakota Debates Need, Cost for Native American Vote Centers

Native American voters in three South Dakota counties are asking the state to provide satellite vote centers closer to population centers.

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