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September 2013

North Carolina: Latest Battleground in Fight Over Future of Voting Rights Act

The federal government is preparing to sue the State of North Carolina to enforce the Voting Rights Act in a case that could have wide-ranging implications for the field.

Minnesota Latest State to Offer Online Voter Registration, Online Absentee Application for Military and Overseas Voters

Minnesota will be the 15th state to offer online voter registration after the launch of a new portal that also allows military and overseas voters to apply for an absentee ballot online.

You Can Observe a Lot By Watching: Charles Stewart on Polling Place Design

MIT's Charles Stewart has a new blog post describing his visits to a number of Boston polling places on Election Day earlier this week. It's a powerful endorsement for the value of observational data in election administration research.

Whitney Quesenbery on Making Voting Information Work for Voters

Whitney Quesenbery of the Center for Civic Design has some fantastic observations (using voters' own words) about how election offices can use information to assist citizens with the voting process.

It's National Voter Registration Day!

Today is the 2nd annual National Voter Registration Day - check out details on activities around the nation and learn a little more about the story behind the celebration.

Proposed Michigan Law Would Raise Cost of Recounts

The Michigan House recently passed a bill that would raise the cost of recounts. Whether this will dissuade recounts or just provide more funds to conduct them remains to be seen.

Ohio Counties Close Polling Places to Save Funds, Adapt to Changing Voter Habits

Ohio counties are cutting back on polling places in an effort to save funds and adjust to changes in voting patterns like expansion of absentee ballots.

In Virginia, Slow Going So Far on Rights Restoration for Felons

Two months after the announcement of a sweeping new Virginia effort to restore the voting rights of former felons, the pace of applications is slow - due in part to the lack of data about who exactly is eligible under the new system.

South Dakota's Gant to Form Task Force on HAVA Funds

South Dakota's Secretary of State is convening a task force to discuss whether and how to use HAVA funds to establish vote centers in Native American communities after the EAC was unable to to give him guidance.

Brian Newby's Take on KS Proof-of-Citizenship: A Stop Sign Analogy

Brian Newby's latest ElectionDiary uses a wonderful community stop-sign analogy to highlight the challenges Kansas is facing with its new proof-of-citizenship law.

NY Daily News Oped Looks at Potential "Election Fixes" for New NYC Mayor

A new oped in the New York Daily News by NYPIRG's Neal Rosenstein and Gene Russianoff looks at several changes to the City's election process that will likely face the next mayor.

THE NEW DATA'S HERE! THE NEW DATA'S HERE! EAC Releases Report on 2012 Election Survey

The EAC has released its report on the 2012 Election Administration and Voting Survey - which is jam-packed with election-geeky goodness thanks to nationwide data on many different aspects of the election process.

New Election Academy Course on Voter Eligibility

The Election Academy has a new online course on the topic of voter eligibility. Take a look and register online at http://z.umn.edu/votereligibilityclass.

On Eventful Election Day, New York City BOE Turns to Twitter

New York City's Board of Elections used its Twitter feed to interact with voters and troubleshoot problems during an eventful primary day yesterday.

Dana Chisnell and the Voter's "Hero Journey"

Dana Chisnell of the Center for Civic Design presented an excellent voter's-eye view of the voting process as part of her testimony last week at the Presidential Commission on Election Administration.

Not So New Big Thing: Electronic Voting Machines Becoming Obsolete?

"New" voting equipment purchased with federal money a decade ago is already becoming obsolete - and election officials are looking to innovation - technological and procedural - to catch up.

Washington State Uses New Data to Upgrade Voter Rolls

Washington State is participating in a new multi-state program to upgrade voter rolls through shared information - which enables flagging of errant or duplicate records as well as notifying eligible but unregistered citizens of the opportunity to join the rolls.

No Small Stuff (cont.) Postmark Problems?

An email from New York illustrates that changes in how the Postal Service postmarks (or doesn't) new types of stamps could complicate the electoral process.

North Carolina State Board Resolves Hot-Button Local Disputes

Yesterday, the North Carolina State Board of Elections resolved a pair of heated county disputes regarding student voting. These disputes are likely to continue in the wake of recent election law changes - and the state is urging counties to try to get along.

Newby on the Minimum Wage (cont.)

ElectionDiary's Brian Newby uses last week's fast-food protests over wages to look again at worker pay in elections - and finds that the value we place on elections may not be matched by comparable pay for election workers.

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